Determining which (if any) decryptors were used for an invention job, from ESI


I’m currently working on an application for tracking industry profits, and I’ve run into an issue when determining what decryptors were used for invention.

I don’t see anything in the ESI API that actually says directly which one, or any, were used. I think you could work it out given the character’s current skills and the probability value, which is provided. However, to do this correctly I’d need to know the character’s skills at the time the job was submitted, which means I’d need to keep snapshots or a timeline of when those skill levels changed. Given that information, I think you can use the SDE to determine the probability for each decryptor and therefore solve for which one was used.

Is there something I’m missing here or is that the only way?


The decryptors give specific ME/TE bonuses and run count increases/decreases, regardless of what you invent. From that info you could determine which decryptor was uses.

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Right, the question is how to actually determine the resulting number of runs - I don’t think you can from /characters/{character_id}/industry/jobs/ alone. You’d have to pull /dev/characters/{character_id}/blueprints/ to see, and that’s on an hour timer - so you could potentially miss a BPC if it was invented then consumed as part of a manufacturing job.

Parity and optimized augmentation decryptors result in the same me/te bonuses. The way I do it is track invented blueprint costs and then just add the bpc cost to the resulting mfg job. But I don think you could determine if a parity or optimized augmentation decryptor was used to invent the bpc once the bpc’s runs fell within the run numbers of the parity decryptor unless you kept track of total jobs and could determine that you started with more runs on the bpc than the parity decryptor provides initially.

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