I remember reading a websites a few years back that outlined the best decryptors to use for certain invention jobs. I cannot recall the site but wondered if there was anything a little more recent in terms of what decryptors to use to certain tasks.

I seem to recall it saying that parity decryptors are best when inventing small ships like frigates. I dont know if that is still true

You need to balance the cost of decryptors against the cost of the datacores you will save by using them. They are generally useful for low run inventions like ships and rigs. I like the Parity decryptor for that. Modules/drones/ammo I don’t use decryptors. When inventing T3, which I haven’t done for a while, I used optimized attainment. The relics are expensive - failed inventions are painful!

Thanks, I do a lot of explo so I am not buying the decryptors off market so was thinking of an alternative to selling them, I used to sell all bar the parity ones and use those when making T2 frigate BPCs. But was curious about potential uses for the other types of decryptor.

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