T2 ME/TE Research, Copying and Invention in Ikuchi!

Ikuchi now has best T2 T2 ME/TE Research, Copying and Invention!

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1 jump from Jita!

Ikuchi T2 ME & Copying (BEST)
Ikuchi T2 TE & Invention (BEST)

Every little bit helps, I have good skills yet this 1 item I cannot invent into a t-2 for whatever reason, I’m beginning to think it’s a bug, 20+ tries to make a projectile t-2 200mm gun and a nope everytime.

If you have skills to run invention, you should consider using decrypts to increase your chances!

Yeah, just hate to see those go to waste if it just keeps failing and the markets (contracts), don’t bother selling them because they are not big ticket items.

if you come to my system you’ll have a better chance!

Did you just claim ownership of a high-sec system?

The T2 200MM Autocannon is a popular module. Your invention probability varies from 34% base to 49.6% with level 5 skills. The facility bonuses have no influence on the probability of success. Decryptors are rarely worthwhile for module invention - the cost of the decryptor needs to be balanced against the value of the datacores you can potentially save by using it.

If you’re doing a 10 run invention your expected outcome will be 3-5 T2 prints depending on skills. Running 20 with no success is like flipping a fair coin 20 times and getting all heads - it can happen but it’s unlikely!


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