T2 Invention Decryptors. Worth It?

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Hello everyone. Got into Industry and Invention on T2 Modules/Rigs/etc

After looking around on the net. Could not find an answer to my “simple” question.

Is it worth it to use a Decryptor for T2 Rigs // Modules // or anything below T2 Ships invention?.

A few websites (Fuzzy) and programs (EVE IPH) say " Yes use them" but answers from the old forumssay NO. do not use them.


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The reason why your not getting a straight answer is because there isnt one. “it depends” some items get more benefit from decryptors than others do. And different items will benefit more from different decrypters. A lot of items you probably shouldn’t bother with them.

A general rule of thumb is that the more components an item uses, the more benefit it will get from ME decryptors. Smaller items with fewer components that rely on bulk sale will benefit more from max run decrypts.
And certain high value but low volume prints particularly ones with long copy and invention times (looking at you jump freighters) will benefit most from +invention chance.

As always you need to balance out the extra isk you would get using one vs not. Especially since it is a random chance, you may need to use multiple decrypts to get a success. (It’s easier to calculate this in bulk than one job at a time.)

I use specific decrypts for specific jobs. But I also do a decent amount of exploration and so often wind up with a surplus of random ones. I might sell any particularly valuable ones that I get. But the less valuable ones I will just dump into the highest value invention I am doing at the moment.

High input material - marauders, black ops, some t2 cruisers (would have to double check those) +ME decryptors.
Low input material, low invention chance. - exhumed, jump freighters. +invention decryptors.
Low input material, high invention chance, low margins - fighters, drones, certain mods +max runs.

Those are just some general guidelines I use, and there are some differing opinions on which ones are “ideal”

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Most of the time - i.e. if the decryptor gives improved invention chance or additional runs - you are balancing the cost of the decryptor against the cost of the datacores needed to achieve the same result without the decryptor.

If I am inventing T2 ships or rigs - which are 1 run BPCs - I will use a parity decryptor that gives me a 50% greater chance of getting a 4 run BPC. In this case the datacores to get the same number of runs without the decryptor would cost more than the decryptor.

For modules and ammo, you get 10 run BPCs and the extra runs/invention chance provided by the decryptor is rarely worth it.

For T3 the relics and hull sections are very expensive and I use optimized attainment to maximize probability of success.

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Thx for the quick replies guys!!.

For some reason IPH still ranks “Augmentation Decryptor” very high on the list for every module.

Im thinking than some options i choose on IPH are not correct at all.

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Forget about the “cookie-cutter” tools, if you want to learn, you have to get a feel for it. Play around with ingame simulation and use https://eve-industry.org/calc/ and different settings to find the optimal result. Optimal can be very specific and situational, examples are mentioned above. This is, what makes part of the fun of T2 production.

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One thing with my tools: They don’t take into account the cost for time for the invention run. Just the financial costs.

That’s something you’re going to want to eyeball yourself.

If you can run enough invention jobs to keep you in manufacturing full time, that’s good.

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Thx for all the replies guys!.

Got one more question.

if im going to do invention to create a T2 BPC, does the ME & TE level of the T1 BPC matter? will it affect the ME & TE level of the invention result?

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No, source ME/TE values do not matter, you can just take a 0/0 copy.

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Yes and no. I fine that decryptors work best for two types of items: ships and rigs. Since inventing these items yields only a one run T2 bpc, you really want to use decrytors for them. For ships I tend to use decryptors that give me a better chance of success that also add runs to my copies. For small rigs I use accelerant decryptors and the others it depends on what mood I am in.

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