Dev blog - A Tribute To CCP Blaze – An Incredible Community Effort


(CCP Falcon) #1

Just before the holidays, we released a Dev Blog that detailed the devastating loss of CCP Blaze, a long serving member of our Audio & Graphics Team here at CCP Iceland.

In the blog, we detailed a fundraiser to support his fiancée and one year old daughter here in Reykjavík.

Today, we’re ready to share the results, and as we do so, we offer our most sincere gratitude to the community for your incredible generosity and support.

You can read the full details, in this Dev blog.

(Steve Ronuken) #2

It’s sad that he’s gone, but hopefully this will help ease things for his family.

The cyno is now lit.

(Rovinia) #3

Glad to see that it turned out so well. I did expect a high number, but this is amazing.

(Icarus Narcissus) #4

Definitely proud of the Eve Community here. This is us at our best.

(Random McNally) #5


The Cyno is now lit.

(virm pasuul) #6

:slight_smile: I hope it helps a little

(BogWopit) #7

This is why I still play after all this time, this is why I dragged my ass to Iceland to meet people I only refer to with in game monikers…This is Eve.

(Nicolai Serkanner) #8

7o Blaze

(Dominous Nolen) #9

I love this community. Thank you CCP for making this a cause that we could contribute towards.

The Cyno is lit.

o7 Blaze.

(Chrysaetus) #10

It’s just like the Minmatar say: We come for our own.


(Duo Roman) #11

Thank you CCP Blaze for all the hard work, o7
Thanks CCP in general for such a nice initiative, I’m sure CCP Blaze’s family appreciated it.

(Groza Dallocort) #12


Good job community

(xelerator) #13

Thats EVE we are all brothers here not like other games!

(ArmyOfMe) #14

Eve family :sparkling_heart:

(blazigen) #15

This should be the top eve news. And deserves more attention.

(Alexander Draegar) #16

There aren’t any words to describe this, but “epic,” “badass,” and similar words may, with some long-winded speech, come close.

It is times like these that help me keep what’s left of my faith in humanity. There’s always one good person in the crowd, and I’m happy to see this belief reinforced by my fellow capsuleers’ efforts.

(DeMichael Crimson) #17


Much respect to the Eve Online Community.

o7 Blaze

(Mr Lopez) #18

Thank you CCP for giving us the opportunity to show our sympathy to the family of Blaze. The sense of loss is palpable… I can only hope the donations help dampen the blow to know that they are not alone in their grief even tho most of use knew him only from afar…


(Drago Shouna) #19

Once again my condolences to his family.

Thank you to all of CCP and the community for reminding me why I’m still subbing to this game.


(CCP Falcon) #20

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