"Blaze" Squadron SKIN. o7 CCP Blaze, you will be missed

Update: We have learned this is a release in memory of art dev CCP Blaze. Proceeds of sales will go to help the family in the difficult time. Official dev blog will release later.

Skin to honor Angel Cartel Bearded Fellow - No Angel Cartel ships on the list it can be applied to :thinking:

The six included ships are the Oracle, Armageddon, Ishtar, Hurricane, Cerberus, and Barghest. It would make sense for the Dramiel, Cynabal, and Machariel to be included here.

PS: I like the fact this first ship skin with a face on it is bushy beard pirate. Good call.

Fullscreen capture 12112017 121631 PM

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Looks like a Pirate Gisus to me. :thinking:

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It also look like crap but i am glad this kind if artistry is showing up.

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There was CCP Blaze some time ago at CCP. Maybe its his face? :thinking:

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I think you’re onto something here. Same receding hairline.



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Can see that CCP Cognac has already responded over on /r/eve.

There’ll be a devblog made available tomorrow afternoon that details this SKIN, and what’s behind it :slight_smile:

This is a tribute SKIN for a CCPer we lost recently.

More information tomorrow.


You’ve already given to many details. You say lost. As in lost not working for ccp anymore or lost like gone to the 0.0 in the sky? Either way. I will be sad until i know further details.

Passed on. o7 CCP Blaze

CCP Cognac wrote:

"There will be a blog out, but as this reached you earlier I feel like there should be a little explanation from one of us . CCP BLAZE my coworker , working in the art department, he was young and lively and loved heavy metal . But was taken from us early from a sudden and unexpected failure of his body. This skin is a message for us to remember him and the proceeds of it will go to his family to help them with this tragic event.

I’m writing this as his coworker and none of it should be taken as official response. But for me it felt bad having a part of the picture out."


Thanks PHN. I will Blaze in his honor. Twice even. Stay sexy.

Or welping ships in an overheated blaze of glory.

I suspected it.

o7 Blaze.

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To the entire CCP staff and the family of CCP Blaze, you all have my deepest condolences. Having lost my wife of 27 years to stroke earlier this year and suddenly being a single dad I can truly sympathize with your loss. Take heart as you work through the grief process. Keep your faith close at hand and keep others sharing your faith close as well. I wish you all the best.

Take Care RR

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The only reason ill ever buy PLEX.

Fly safe little family x

<3 As this fundraiser winds down, once again my heart goes out to the friends, family, and co-workers involved. We sometimes become so far into the game in here, just as in RL, that we lose our sensitivity towards the others around us -detached from the sufferings (or enjoyments) of others. This is a good reminder to us all that we have to drop the game once in awhile to be human among each other, particularly when we suffer, and none of us will be standing out all alone. CCP Blaze, you will live on in New Eden in everything you influenced and contributed too. In many ways, you are a very real part of us.

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