Dev Blog: Alliance Tournament 2018 - Rules and Sign-Ups

With the only one of any given ship rule and the ship banning ability, that wouldn’t be a problem.

Why don’t you want t2 drones? Everyone has them so why not allow ships like Gilas and Rattlesnakes to use their bonuses to their fullest extent?

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Maybe if the rest of the weapon system’s where balanced to track as wel as drone’s player’s would fly more than just the best lol…


What will the 1 of a ship rule mean for bans? Will we mostly see logi and utility banned?


The alliance tournament had a nice secondary effect of helping single out ships that can be considered overpowered and help with future balancing, but module restrictions make sense in a area fight where you can’t reposition to another celestial or system. Looking forward to the fights.

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Are ancillary varieties of local repairers allowed to ignore meta restrictions on flagships? Rules only say shield boosters and armor repairers, which those modules technically are. But I would like some clarification on this one.

Are ancillary varieties of local repairers allowed to ignore meta restrictions on flagships?

Since when do we have Meta Level ancillary amor repper?
So there is no need for a more detailed description, as there are only one type of these modules.

But correct me if i am wrong.

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Can we get some official clarification. What the are Triglavian ship or Precursor ships classified as points wise. T1 ships or other?

You can Strg+F it on the Devblog.
Triglavian ships are allowed and are considered to be tech one for point values.

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Not yet, but you will be with the introduction of Mutaplasmids on May29.

Well, not technically Meta Level, but in practical consequence, you’ll see Ancillary Reppers/Boosters with different stats.

In the AT, only on flagships.


I don’t understand why, from what I saw on SISI they were pretty weak for how hard it would be to get them.

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Sorry might sound like dumb question but when fielding two frigate logi we can only still field one of each ship type right? So for example you can’t run two deacons can you ?

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I guess now it will have to be amarr + gal or mini + cal for frig logi, but that also means people can’t really bring ecm setup’s which is sweet I hate seeing them xD As half are shield half armor.

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Is high meta ECM and and other ewar off the table for flag ships then?

Is there a timeline for Thunderdome access? When can we submit our first TD roster?

In regards to TD, I would like to reiterate my support for simply allowing the entire alliance access, then letting us set-up a corp to limit access to only our team members. In this way CCP does not need a roster or have to devote any dev time to managing rosters / access. We can do that ourselves.


GalMil enter the individual alliances - Galmil as a whole would be a strong prospect if we could actually get everyone practicing and pulling in the same direction ;D

You didn’t clarify how the rules would work with Grand Final and reuse rule, by the way. It’s completely broken if there is a 1 game advantage in the Grand Final.

Kinda sad and happy about the 1 ship rule was hoping to see retribution fleet’s T_T but at least comp’s will be very different from previous year’s.

“For these two series, any time a team wins a match they will not be allowed to bring any of the ship types they fielded in that match for the rest of the series. The losing team in each match will be free to bring the ship types they lost with again if they wish.”

Does this apply to Flagships?