Dev blog: Black Desert Online makers Pearl Abyss to acquire CCP!


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Everyone knows what EvE needs and a quick way to make money.

EvE needs a real life store with more than 15 items.


This is a repeat of existing threads, please stop repeat posting.

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I, too, am worried about PA having a bad influence on the game by eventually implementing pay2win features (such as gold ammo, skins that give bonuses, premium ships, respawn/ship recovery for PLEX etc.).

Consequently, I quit my yearly subscriptions on all my accounts (I still have nearly a year on all accounts tho) and am unlikely to use any subscriptions lasting longer then a few months until I‘m reasonably sure that PA will indeed not interfere with EVE (as CCP assures us). I‘m not willing to pay hundreds of dollars at a time in advance in these rather uncertain times.

However, to get back to topic: I think the OP has it backwards. Most of your suggestions/worries are likely to actually have a negative impact on monetisation. What you seem to be forgetting is that CCP (and by extension PA) don‘t give a damn if you buy cash-shop items with real life money or if you buy it from a player who bought it with real life money. Either way, the item was paid for with real cash, so it makes no difference if you pay CCP $13,99 for a month of game time or you pay me ISK so I essentially pay the $13,99 to CCP for you (and obviously PLEXing an account actually costs more then a subscription so CCP earns even more that way). Thinking of PLEX/player-traded cash-shop items as “free“ (out of the perspective of CCP) is roughly the equivalent of thinking of self-mined ore as “free“ (out of the perspective of the player) - it‘s total nonsense.

The only possible reason CCP/PA could have to implement untradeable cash-shop items or untradeable PLEX from a profit standpoint would be if players had huge reserves of said items on their accounts already and CCP/PA were totally desperate and would be willing to screw these players (including the many whales) over. That doesn‘t sound like a particularly sound business model to me… I only see those kind of drastic things happening at the eleventh hour and don‘t think we‘re there yet.

I personally expect (and frankly, dread) many more gradual changes towards pay2convenience and perhaps later even open pay2win (we already have pay2save time in the form of SP-trading via cash-shop-only items so I don‘t think this is beyond the bounds of the possibilities, sadly).

I guess only time will tell… and in the meantime I, for one, will be observing the continued developments regarding monetisation with due vigilance.

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Ok, well thank you for actually providing a source. So I apologize and agree that they tried to milk EVE with microtransactions because they where in financial troubles. The bitter part is that EVE itself was actually profitable and they just shoot themselves into the foot with this.

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Yeah…except for almost every corporate buyout of almost every “popular” franchise in the entire history of the games industry. They all said exactly the same thing. “Don’t worry, current customers, everything will stay exactly the same.”

But you and all those like you can keep your heads buried in the sand and keep on believing what a company with a vested interest in lying to their customers to try and keep them as customers, tell you.

I can be pretty safe in telling you, based on historical evidence, that this game will be nearly unrecognizable this time next year.

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Willing to take a bet?

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Based on how my posting characters are being witch-hunted of late, making a bet is pointless. It’s entirely likely some lame and obvious excuse will be found for banning me and deleting my posts.

But on the off chance I’m still around in a year, I’ll pony up whatever it is you start the game with. 5,000 ISK I think?

It’s all I have.

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Ok, so you are just talking

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The ‘Witch-Hunt’ of deleting posts, locking threads and banning posters in these forums is happening to us all.

Since Pearl Abyss is acquiring CCP, I wonder how long they’ll allow these forums to exist? We all just might end up on E/Reddit.

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Stop being so precious. Asking for a bet in EVE-O is just a cry for attention and you know it. Especially from the dying breed of CODE who are unlikely to survive this takeover.

Keep on wishing. History is against you.

There is no way in hell that the new overlords will recoup their costs on this buy unless they remove the “bad” elements of the game. I’ll be surprised if there is anything remotely like the PVP we have now (non consensual) in the near future. That and ganking mechanics will be the first to go as they move towards a model that will make them some money.

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Yeah sure, ok

Exactly nothing will happen in a year

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About that investment… Apparently our new overlords only splashed out $225mil for the acquisition. The other $200mil are “deferred performance based payouts”. I’m sure we don’t need anyone to draw us a picture to explain what the performance metrics are, but I’d be interested to know over what period that $200mil is supposed to be paid out.

Not sure if this is better or worse news than what we knew already though.

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We’ll see.

In any case, I bookmarked this for future giggles and I-told-you-so linkage. Either yours or mine.

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No need to wait.

I’ve been crying since the announcement. I’ll be happy to send you some of that salty goodness.

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Is you are afraid to try you’ll never succeed…in fact, you should look to failure not as a bad thing, but that people are looking for the next big thing. You can’t be part of it if you don’t take some risks.

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Yeah, I agree and it’s great if you can afford that but in the real world if you constantly fail then you’ll get replaced.

I’m a Union Pipefitter and if I start making a bunch of costly mistakes or fail to complete my job on time then eventually I’ll get transferred, replaced and ultimately fired.

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That would be colossally stupid. That would sharply reduce the demand for PLEX. The market supply would be set to zero, so those who want to buy PLEX for ISK won’t be able too. So those who want to sell PLEX for ISK will no longer have an incentive too and will stop buying them.

What are you possibly thinking here?

Raising the price of PLEX would also further lower the amount sold. The supply of PLEX is effectively perfectly elastic. Raise the price and the supply curve would shift upwards (note, not outwards, but upwards) which would mean a movement along the demand curve reducing demand.

Now, maybe this could enhance profits, but one has to wonder because CCP could do this right now.

Same comment as with PLEX.

Really…what are you thinking?

Which isn’t even worth a ■■■■ to be quite honest.

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Good thing CCP has not constantly failed then.

Trying new ideas and making costly mistakes are not the same thing.

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Yeah whatever dude, no investment firm is going to get rid of their company as long as it makes them a profit.