Dev blog: Black Desert Online makers Pearl Abyss to acquire CCP!


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You should really stop posting. Even I blind can see who is lying here. JUST WOW! :scream::scream:

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Ima, do you bot?

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Take your own advice and stop posting your lies and false accusations. Your constant attempts to cast suspicion of botting onto me makes you look very guilty.

Seriously, your insistence to continue a forum flame war and derail this thread will be flagged.

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Are you serious? I ■■■■■■■ hate bots. They destroy the game. I would never ever use a bot.

I’m pretty sure people whitout a personal grudge and the ability to read can see preatty clearly who is in favour of bots here.

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I never said you are botting, I said you are in favour of bots which you clearly are

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Nice cover story.

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Clearly you are reading a lot more into what people write then what’s actually written.

Back on topic, a lot of people have written that Pearl Abyss has games with lot’s of bots so if anyone favors bots then it’s Pearl Abyss.

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General Catalyst and NEA are cashing out their shares…those shares will go to Pearl Abyss, presumably. So that money, at least the bulk of it will go to the venture capital firms.


First off, yes some of those logins were likely bots, just as with today. Could there have been more? Sure if x% are bots, then with say 45,000 log ins we’d have x%*45,000 vs say x%*30,000. But do we really want to argue that having bot logins is a good thing?

Second do not forget that there was a policy change in regards to ISBoxer how many logins were lost because of that? I don’t know, you don’t know and CCP may not even know. Also changes to skill training might have had an impact too. How much of those logins were simple skill changes/updates? Now I could set months worth of skill training and thus not log in every day–i.e. login for fleets and other fun things.

So yes, the drop in logins is worrying. But given these kinds of policy type changes to the game you have what could be considered a “regime change” in the words of James Hamilton.

First off, microtransactions are not such a clear sign of less profitability. It could signal that, but then again even if profits had not declined if introducing such microtransactions boosts profits even higher only a fool would not introduce them. And Alpha clones are probably slightly more indicative of a decline in profitability, but again if it means more profits via microtransactions and it is not necessarily implying a loss anywhere else why not do it even if profits have not declined? And investors sell their shares, investments all the time for a number of reasons. Yes, one is decline in profitability, but the other is opportunity cost. That last one often confuses people so let me explain by way of example.

DMC Inc. holds 51% equity in a firm. That equity is worth $100 (the numbers are illustrative, make it $100 million if it makes you feel better). You expect to earn say 10%. So next year you’ll have $110. But you see another investment that you expect to earn a return of 15%. Now, if you stick with your initial investment what is the expected net opportunity cost? $5. That is if you sole your current investment and invest in this new opportunity next year you’d have $115. So $115 - $110 = $5 which is your forgone benefit of keeping your current investment.

Since neither you nor I are privy to the inner workings of NEA or General Catalyst we don’t know why they are selling. Could be they see CCP’s future as less favorable, that they see something better, both or something else entirely.

As for not being profitable…so you are saying that Pearl Abyss executives are all stupid?

You don’t think a buyer wouldn’t notice this? That you are smarter than everyone that was involved with this decision at Pearl Abyss?

Oh God…not this again…somebody is paying. You really don’t grasp the concept of opportunity cost.

Oh…so they do pay…they pay via PLEX–i.e. somebody else paid the cash and the botter gave that person ISK.

The in game CPI is below 100 and has been for a long time. Overall things are cheaper.

This…the MERs are out there go read them. If you don’t know about price indices you can google them or read about them or you can start a thread here on the forums to discuss them.

And this is a fine display of economic ignorance.

Human capital is hard to acquire without spending money.

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It’s pretty backwards anyway to even suggest that microtransactions where introduced because of dwindling subscription numbers. They where introduced when the subscription where at their peek, we all can remember it, what followed was the summer of rage. It was when CCP instead of fixing the game decided to further monetize it and they lost a lot of trust and subscribers then.

Funny how DMC now tries to reinvent history and imply it was the complete opposite. I bet he was even around back then…

(DeMichael Crimson) #2121

Yeah, thanks for clarifying that the reason for dwindling log in numbers could possibly be this, that or even the other thing.

One thing you forgot to factor in is all the failed game projects which doesn’t inspire confidence with investors. Plus all the cutbacks and downsizing of CCP. That usually indicates a problem, mainly financial.

(DeMichael Crimson) #2122

Heh, get your facts straight. MT was introduced because CCP had a very large debt that was due plus they had already invested time, money and resources into producing 2 other games which didn’t pan out for them.

The reason for the summer of rage wasn’t just about MT’s. There was a whole list of reasons for it.

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CCP have repeatetly stated now and in the last couple of years that EVE is very profitable. The reason for the layoffs was CCPs constant gambling with products for dying (PS3) or non existing (VR) markets in the search for the ride on the hype train.

(Ima Wreckyou) #2124


Microtransactions where not the only reason but one of them. What I said was that CCP did not add them because EVE was not profitable which you implied. May have gotten that wrong though if you ment CCPs finances and not EVEs profitability I may even agree

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About the only sensible statement I have seen you posting so far…

The Summer of rage was caused due to four main factors:

  • CCP trying to introduce a $99 license fee for third party developers.
  • The leaked “Greed is Good” memo from Hilmar.
  • The pigs breakfast they turned Incarna into and that made peoples PC’s BOSD when the captains quarters was first introduced.
  • The price of set for the vanity items (Micro Transactions)

A lot of players actually liked the "idea" behind the clothing store, especially with Ambulation being on the horizon. What people were so upset about was the price tag for those items which were the equivalent of $40 for a t-shirt, $55 for a pair of boots and $75 for a monocle.

To make matters worse, CCP Zulu, in his infinite wisdom, decided the best way to calm the crowds was to write a blog defending the price tag for said vanity items by arguing they were analogues to someone buying a pair of $1000 jeans in real life.

I seriously doubt that. In fact, judging from you posts, I think you weren’t even playing Eve back then.

“World of Darkness” and “Ambulation” ring a bell? I’d like to know how much time and money they sunk into the development of of those two projects which never saw the light of day.

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Having loved Vampyr: The Masquerade this still is slightly depressing, but the above was suitably ironic.

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I play this game for ~11 years now. How is reading so diffucult, here is what I actually wrote:

I highlighted the important part for you. EVE was in a seriously bad state back then. Big fleet fights ended with one side just disconnecting and desyncing, hell I was in 50v50 fights in lowsec that didn’t even work and half the people just got desynced. There where lots and lots of bugs because CCP added half baked feature after feature, promised to iterate on them and forgot about it 5min later. It was at that time that Incarna hit with seriously overpriced microtransactions, one rusty room and the greed is good leek which got it all to explode.

But anyway, the point was that they introduced it when the subscription numbers where at their highest and not in a desperate move to save the game or whatever. It was simple and utter greed.

I asked for a source for the claim about the financial state that is supposedly the reason for the introduction of microtransaction. World of Darkness was written off and “Ambulation” is just another name for the WIS feature, so where are the actual numbers?

(DeMichael Crimson) #2128

Do some research instead of constantly flaming others. Here maybe this will get you started:

2011 Summer Of Rage happened due to a multitude of reasons:
CCP failed to deliver WiS that was promised years ago known as Ambulation in Incarna Expansion.
The 1001 Papercuts thread - large list of various broken game mechanics and unfinished content - ignored since 2003.
CCP releasing half finished ‘Bugged’ content which constantly broke existing content in-game.
Massive amount of Lag in-game creating problems for everyone - large fleet battles impossible to conduct.
CCP introducing NEX Store and MT - selling overpriced items for real money bypassing in-game player production.
Threat of ‘Gold Ammo’ and ‘Gold Ships’ enabling ‘Pay to Win’ exploitation.
CCP ignoring Eve Online by investing development resources into WoD and DUST514 projects.
The leaked ‘Fearless Newsletter’ memo - Greed is good.
CCP statement of viewing Eve Online Community as the Golden Goose.
Forcing 3rd party programs to pay real money for providing players with free Eve Online applications.
CCP failure to maintain their promise of ‘Commitment to Excellence’.
Forcing player participation in Captains Quarters, later showing them ‘The Door’ - removing player’s option of choice.
CCP attempt to diffuse situation in forums with excessive thread locking and banned accounts.
Poorly written unoptimized code released in Incarna resulting in major client side issues.
CCP lack of communication / poor Public Relations due to ignoring input from player base.
Hilmar’s statement - “Watch what they do, not what they say.”

Basically Hilmar’s statement became the rally cry for the Jita Riot’s which led to mass unsubs. Having a large loan payment due later resulted in CCP downsizing the company, laying off employees and placing projects on back burner.

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All jokes aside, what monetization features/changes will our new Korean overlords implement? Near term / long term? Causes and effects?? Has your approach to the game changed any since the bomb got dropped? Lets get a think tank/brainstorming session going!

  • As for me, I have no motivation for anything when I log on, feels like im in limbo, so much is unknown and at stake! I have a couple of accounts ranging from 2005 to this account, my latest project, all unsubbed yesterday, Im omega until the end of the month then ill be watching from the sidelines. Not another dime or commitment to anything. Just going to see what happens…

Here are some of the changes that I think will be implented.

  • Eve will go back to a monthly subscription and alpha status will be eliminated. There will however be a limited timed trial period similar to how it used to be. In my opinion this simplifies things and creates a steady base flow of revenue on top of all the extras that they will be charging money for.

  • Plex will no longer be tradable. You will not be able to buy/sell plex on the market or trade with other players etc… Plex will be locked to your account, maybe even to a single character (We dont know their level of greed yet!). Rest assured the real life money cost of plex will go up!

  • Skill injectors will also no longer be tradable. You will no longer be able to buy/sell on the market or trade with other players! You will only be able to buy skill injectors from the eve store with plex. Skill injectors will also be locked to your account, maybe even individual characters! The skill injector cap of 500k/400k will be drastically increased or even removed altogether. The more skillpoints per injector, the more they’ll charge!

  • Same goes for skill extractors. They will not be tradable and you will only be able to buy them with plex from the eve store. Skill extractors will be locked to your account and you’ll only be able to extract/transfer skill points between characters on your account for a fee of course!

  • Ship skins will no longer be tradable! You will no longer be able to buy/sell skins on the market or trade with other players. You will only be able to purchase skins in the eve store with plex. Ship skins will also give different bonuses to armor,shields,weapons etc depending on the skin(s) you purchased. Skins will be locked to individual characters and will no longer be permanent. Skins will have a timed lifespan and will be sold in different time/bonus increments.

I can see the start to these changes implemented within the first 6 months to 18 months. Itll be a slow methodical process as they probe the playerbase and experiment with different things to gauge reactions,etc…

Just my .02 and pure speculation of course!

Good luck and much love!

(Drigo Segvian) #2130

Did you not read the reaponse from CCP?

This is nonsense. I don’t know why folks are going so overboard when there is no indication of ANY changes.

If that changes then fine but sheesh! This guy literally making things up out of thin air. Good God

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Plex makes more money than a sub they wouldn’t cancel it… I stopped reading after that