Dev blog: Black Desert Online makers Pearl Abyss to acquire CCP!

But they use the word partnering throughout the article. As mentioned, Company A, can acquire Company B, but Company B can still be fully independant of Company A.

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it means if they wanna go p2w they will go p2w


wondering how many hundreds of people are currently canceling there subs…

In before 15k users online during next primetime…

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Partnering on what terms, that is the issue here I think.

The subscription for EVE used to give you the entire experience when I started in 2011. Until Hilmar started messing with other things, which turned into failures and gave him the justification to introduce cash grabs so that he could salvage CCP on the back of EVE.


Seeing the ‘great success’ of Black Desert Online,

I’m very… Worried.
(Also surprised they can even afford an acquisition)
Hope you do well CCP.


Been very obvious for quite some time that CCP were preparing to sell up.
The downsizing, the redundancies, the outsourcing of things like chat servers etc.
At least it’s been sold to a semi decent company and not Microsoft or EA.

All we can do is hope for the best but prepare for the worst.


Um, you read that wrong. CCP will be getting knowledge and expertise from PA,

That quote, means they’ll be adding their expertise to PA stuff

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it’s the other way…
they are not saying “we will integrate Pearl Abyss’ development and publishing expertise into CCP games’ operations for all current and future projects”



but if company a says charge money and change your business dynamic then that means they gotta do it


no i read it right you just read it the way they want people to read it

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They are acquired, though “partnering” is mentioned in Hilmars article.

I figure this is just to simplify for readers the complicated contracts and terms regarding IPs, staff, assets, structuring of heirarchy, investor options, promises of creative autonomy etc. Stuff that really isnt any of our business and above our heads.

Well, you understand


Hehe just lets give them this vidio to see.



and in 2011 the gaming industry was very different than now. at the time all the games I cited gave the full experience with a sub…

More than that, yeaa CCP made mistakes, but they also improved EvE, I’m sorry, but we can’t deny it…

and what can you change about the past mistakes? nothing, you can only report them. CCP listen to it’s player base, use it.

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The irony here is kinda funny.
CCP tries to go P2W on it’s on, we turn on em, so they stop. And then they sell out to one of the many many P2W based Korean developers.

RIP EVE: May 6th 2003 - Sept 6th 2018


So what is in the NEX shop for future? :thinking:

There is no P2W in EVE.


In my -admittedly- simple world there are two reasons to buy or sell a company

  1. the company is undervalued and has great potential, increasing revenue and value

  2. the company is in financial trouble and cant pay its bills. but there’s still a limited amount of money to be made off the products.

With recent developments at CCP, I’m leaning towards (2) - the explanations given above only strengthen that feeling. Please proove me wrong? :fearful:

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