Dev blog: Changes Coming To Planetary Interaction


(Nana Skalski) #246

I think they just need to apply some of the users feedback, like buttons in proper positions, scale of buttons, shortcuts, position of camera, turn on/off options for 3d objects popping out from the placements, or moving 3d representation to other window. Its real User Experience for crying out loud.

(Pugilismus) #247

And please, once more, the ability to save extractor head groups and apply them with a single click. How much time and how many clicks would this save? Tons and tons. This may be the last time that you, CCP, focus on PP (PI) for some time so please make this a priority. Oh yes, and please make the PP window smaller as an option.

(Jian Mira) #248


This new PI is much slower… why the big window before it goes to your planet, just no need for it…

Should of left it alone, the rest of it is ok but the big windows why ? no need to see a quarter of the planet!

(Imustbecomfused) #249

my fingers hurt

(dorfsorc) #250

its all about time, not pretty.
i do 80 planets, the changes have added 30 minutes a day to my resets and pickups.
time lost waiting for planet to spin
time lost moving around to find extractors under the HUGE planet list and resize to click on heads
(note, centering on the command center serves no useful purpose)
time lost when my cursor passes over the scan and i get a skills pop up instead of being able to submit
time lost scrolling the planet window to see planets 4 - 6 or after it randomly resets to the top
right click to access while warping instead of wating to arrive to see teh ACCESS button appear
yah sure, itss only a few seconds for each of these delays, but many of us do 60 or more planets. it adds up
is there a fix in our future?

(Calorn Marthor) #251

In general I like the new PI, but it seems to have some technical issues.

Now and then when I export/import or do Expedited Transfers, the UI will not refresh (blue circles indicating storage usage) and afterwards the pins won’t respond any more.
I have to close and reopen the planet view. Very annoying. :frowning:

(Iowa Banshee) #252

I like the new Pi (please not PeePee) - However there are a couple of things

(1) The new interface makes you commit an edit on extractor heads, if you remove an extractor head you now have to commit the edit losing all setting before you can restart extraction.
(2) Please can we have a compact version of the planet launcher panels
(3) Why is there no open custom office button available before you finish warping to a poco
(Related thought : in probe scanner solar system window - A scan button next to the rotate view buttons would be nice)

(Eva Arzi) #253

new bug I found 3-4days ago: sometimes, when I change the extractor CU configuration(add or remove extractor head), I’m unable to submit the changes. I press the button submit, but nothing happens, I press it several times but got the message “planetary network is busy, plase wait xx seconds”. This situation only fires when the number of heads changed, when I perform “stop then start” extractor CU, submit button works as usual. It also works as usual if I change the head location.
I found the workaroud, but it eats a lot of my time - when I remove the extractor CU, then create it, I can submit the changes I desire. I also lose 45000 isk every time.
I created the defect EBR-154165, hope it will be solved soon.

(Molpadia Devaux) #254

Same here.
I tried the “Verify Files” option on the settings tab for shared cache, no success.
My bug report was Friday.
So far out 360,000 ISK do to forced de-commission / build work around and another 40 extractor heads are not fully functioning…

(Nunosh) #255

Had the same issue and I had to logoff/login

(Nunosh) #256

I still have this issue, is anyone else having the same? “planetary network is busy, plase wait xx seconds” is still anoying 2 of my toons

(Wyllow Purple) #257

The quality of life changes to PI are great and all that, but there are two major changes you overlooked.

  1. Multi-Routing. If you really wanted to reduce the number of clicks, you should’ve made it possible to multi-route. Meaning, you go into storage, products, or preexisting routes and double-click or ‘Create Route’, and the dialogue that pops up allows you to click on just one, or shift-click on several destinations. Or an ‘add destination’ button in the create route window, so you can manipulate amounts of multiple routes at once (assuming they’re not all the same).
    I re-route things ALL THE TIME, and it’s one of the most tedious, repetitive parts of PI. Quality of life improvement is about removing tedious repetition, so DO THIS PLEASE.

  2. Extractor head bumping. When moving extractor heads, don’t allow them to overlap unless you hold down shift. This is not just about convenience, it’s about accessibility. It’s annoying AF for many people to squint and zoom in/out all the time to get their extractor heads close together. For some people, it’s physically painful or just impossible. The backgrounds vary in brightness and contrast, and the HUD is now encroaching on the action.
    This is the single largest time-suck of PI maintenance, and some of us have hundreds of planets. And causing circles to bump into one another is the easiest math problem in the world. We know this. Normalize and re-center at 2r in the direction of the cursor from the center of the bumped circle. Two circles? No problem! Double bump!

(Havoc Lamperouge) #258

What I do to cut the overhead down in half is I map double-click to my middle mouse button.

I think everyone should do this.

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

(March rabbit) #259

After a month with new UI i can say that i have no problems with it. Read a lot of negative feedback and was ready for the worst.

However, my experience is the UI is ok. Yes, window with list of planets is unnecessarily big but for my screen (1920x1200 @ 26") i have no problems with that. Liking grouped lists of products (both storaged and manufactured). Speed of animations is ok. Loving problem detector: i remember that one time when i haven’t completed a chain and had my planet work without result for a week. Now you have automated route checker.

Overall: positive change.

(Cloney Terror) #260

I hope the giant PI window disappears in the next patch it really is obnoxious.

(jasak Paaltomo) #261

+10 for this!
Layout templates should be able to be rotated, stretched, moved, and in general be edited until your happy with ie and then it should be implemented, with the question “Do you want to save this as a new template?” also it should be sized for the planet before you start the editing process!

(jasak Paaltomo) #262

Also, the devs could settle on a few templates that we could edit if desired. or make it a voting thing on the forums so the top 5 (pick a number) dev developed templates get “APPROVED” for the quarter/year, and then the same for Player developed templates. of course, this would require a “House of Templates”, where one could get a template for one`s use!

(Vesago) #263

I admit I haven’t read all 257 posts, my question is… Has there been any thought put into scaling for larger planets? I’m about to set up a bunch of PI and I’m wondering if gas giants will be made to scale down further so that my links that are 2 pixels apart don’t have to cost me so much of the planets resources?

(jasak Paaltomo) #264

YES it has been discussed! just onepost back on this thread! and many other places…

(Acac Sunflyier) #265

In addition to the warp to & View buttons at the bottom, can you add an “Access Customs Office” button too? Also, it’d be great to be able to right click -> jump through the stargate like with other windows.