Dev blog: Changes Coming To Planetary Interaction


(Trader Hansen) #102

also, what is frustrating is to wait for the extractor to complete a cycle in order to route the resource to the proper factory… and wait for the factory to conplete a cycle to run the lvl2 one…

You can already route immediately:

Extractors: Can be routed immediately from the Products tab.
Storage: Go to the Routes tab and click on incoming product. You can then create an outgoing route for that product.
Factory: Once you’ve set the product to create, you can route from the Products tab.

(Vatrushka Gr) #103

I like all changes. Looks great! :+1::+1::+1::blush:
More information, less clicks! Its really cool!
Very important change is The shipHUD is visible when doing PI. really usefull.
thank you guys and personally i appreciate you work. don’t stop it!

(sergey makaronoff) #104

do the cleaning of the plants from the remaining materials. you have to reset the values to clear.

(sergey makaronoff) #105

connecting links to take over several factories Broadcast Node

(Dahn Varga) #106

Tbh the biggest change I could ask for is to reduced the discrepancy between the estimated extraction and the actual extraction after Submit is pressed, many a times it’s over 30% reduction in the actual numbers.
AFAIK that happens because other people are already using that area, so an option to show all other users networks or some kind of warning that we are trying to place extractor heads where there are already other people’s extractors or just show the estimated resource extraction discounted for the existence of the other players extractors.

Nice to have would be somehow to move facilities around even if one would have to pay for new ones, as in instead of setting a whole new network one could just move the existing one but we would pay the isk cost as if we built them anew.

(Erethond) #107

That’s what the planetology skills are there for: getting an accurate estimate of resources on a planet. The higher you have them, the more accurate your estimated outcome will be compared to what you see once you launch the process.

Moving facilities (especially extractor control units) would be pretty convenient instead of destroying it, then rebuilding and rerouting everything. #2 on the “would be cool” list, after moving all extractor heads together instead of one by one.

BTW, thanks @CCP_Claymore for the update! But I gotta say I can’t believe you missed moving extractors as a formation, much like it was for probes, it would be a HUGE QoL improvement.

(Dahn Varga) #108

I know but even with planetology 4 and adv planetology 3/4 I get these kinds of huge discrepancies… and I feel it gets way worse in crowded planets.
I don’t want an exact value but if I’m aiming for 40k it shows 44k and I get 30k something is wrong there…
Besides in the same planets with the same toon in less valuable spots those huge differences don’t appear.
I’m not asking for a skill overhaul just to be warned if someone is already extracting there since it will reduce the outcome significantly.

(Makshima Shogo) #109

its not about discrepancies its about resources getting used up, you have to give them a chance to recover so naturally the more people mining on the same spot the faster that spot depletes.

(Hargrave Hulmais) #110

Thanks for making these changes. More suggestions:

  1. Add to new “Generic routes” to processors. “output” route = whatever material is output by this processor, send it here and" input" route = whatever materials are needed by this processor, get it them all from here. This way, when you change the schematic of a processor, but don’t change the source or destination of the inputs or outputs, you use 4 clicks (choose processor, click schematic, choose new schematic, confirm). Keep the current individual material routes. Simply have the new generic routes only be used if no specific material route exists. This will insure that you don’t break current planet setups, and also insure that players can split the inputs from more than one source if desired.

  2. Most of my headaches setting up a planet are when trying to get two objects as close as possible to one another. I have to fiddle with the mouse, moving back and forth pixel by pixel, to get the objects adjacent to each other. If there are two objects involved, placing a third object as close as possible to the other two circles is exponentially harder. Adding some feature where i could specify another item next to an existing one, at a specific “degree” (0 degrees north, 90 degrees east, 180 degrees is south, all the way to 359 degrees ) would be great.

  3. Allow me to “take offline” or “put online” on any planetary building facility/object. Also, allow me to highlight a bunch of buildings and links with a simple rectangular mouse selection box, and everything in the selection box “take offline” or “put online”. Let’s say I want to alternate between extracting 2 materials one month, and 2 materials another month. This feature lets me build both campuses and switch between the two. Let’s say I want to produce something one month, and something else next month, instead of changing schematics on 24 buildings, I could simply build another campus of processors and links, with the other schematic, and switch between groups of buildings when desired.

  4. Add “Select all” buttons on left and right side, and a “Swap” button to Customs offices. The swap buttong would take anything highlighted on the left side, and anything highlighted on the right side, and swaps their positions. Great for moving out the produced items, and moving in the materials for the next few days, all in one go.

(Amarisen Gream) #111

This is better than nothing!

Still needs work, but …

(Alessienne Ellecon) #112

Seconded. It’s about damn time! The current changes aren’t much, but they’re a good start.

(Dominous Nolen) #113

Anything to help out with the click fest that is are welcomed IMO

Would love to be able to save layouts, but based on planetary conditions etc, I understand it might not be possible.

(67Chevelle) #114

It would be great if we could somehow freeform the number of days/hours/minutes when setting the cycle duration rather than sliding then clicking to adjust. Better yet, allow the previous duration to be “repeated” or “copied” to another extractor or to have the option to set one global cycle time that we could “apply to all” extractors.

(Shad) #116

Can you make the lunch pad 12000m capacity same as the storage unit please

(Octoven) #117

The only issue there is with layouts is planet size in relation to CPU/PG. The surface of a gas giant is much larger than that of a temperate planet thus the same distance in terms of facility to facility graphically is not the same as facility to facility in km on the planet. This has been one of the reason saved layouts still aren’t in the game. Once you select a layout and click the planet surface it automatically would place the buildings requiring you to rip up the buildings you want to move since there isn’t any way to technically move them, just rip down and rebuild somewhere else. I would love saved layouts but differences in planetary surfaces just wouldn’t make them feasible.

Now on to feedback regarding the changes.

Build and scan options were moved from the bottom of the menu to the top

I am honestly dumbfounding on this change, I can’t really imagine any way this makes things more efficient, other than swapping to build after adjusting the scan filter. But meh I have no strong feelings either way for this change.

The Scan resource bars are now hatched to make them easier to read/compare

I am glad you guys were reading the UI feedback thread and saw my post about that and took my idea to heart. It will make reading and comparing resources sooooo much easier, thank you for that :slight_smile:

‘Time to Depletion’ is now changed to ‘Time Remaining’

Seriously? >.> why??? What possible reason could you have to change this other than to make it a few characters easier to read on smaller screens? I am all for new player enhancements and such but this takes the cake as being by far the most lazy change to EVE I have seen. Honestly, if players do not understand the term “Depletion” they A) Should not be doing PI and B) They shouldn’t even be playing a complex game such as even since obviously they have limited vocabulary. I mean seriously this change really bothers me, there is no logical means to change it as it doesn’t affect setup efficiency, it only makes it more clear the more stupid players. If it were a radical change in meaning of the text I could see changing it but you guys literally reworded it to cut out 2 letters and have it mean the exact same thing. So stupid…moving along though…

Extractor range is always shown when extractor is selected.

This seems like one of those changes that just makes sense but would turn out to look horrible in game. There is a valid reason why the extractor range isn’t always shown and that is to reduce graphical clutter. You have multiple colors being shown with an overlay of the extractor heads area of influence combined with the range of the extractor? Haha you guys need to go back to basics and apply the age old acronym K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid. You do not need to see the full range of the extractor at all times. At current if you move an extractor head you will get the range to fade in as you approach the boundary. This is totally more than sufficient to have now.

You don’t need to see the entire range of the extractor unit itself unless you are placing it and then you need to see how much of the area you can extract falls within the hotspot(s) once placed though you can’t move the unit without demolishing it and placing it again at which point, again you get the range being shown. You really do NOT need to see the entire range at all times that the unit is selected. At current you see the boundary of the range as you move an extraction head toward it and trust me that is plenty of warning as to how far away you can extract.

Selected tab in PI windows is now highlighted

Not really sure where you were getting at with this change

Routes to and from structures are now shown when the structure is selected, previously the was only on hover.

I can kind of see this as an improvement but honestly I can also see this as a complete waste of time to implement. Currently if I were to select “Temperate Basic Industry Facility DH-M1S” for example. I don’t really need the route/links to be highlighted since I can visually comprehend that the line going from the facility I selected and the facility I want to go to is being represented by alternate or one way moving blue dots.

The facility I have selected currently enlarges to triple the size of the facilities around it and I get a holo image of the facility above it, sooo I really shouldn’t need a redundant visual cue as to where my products are going from it and to it from. Unless you have that facility transferring to multiple storage facilities such as 10 unites of Industrial fibers to launchpad and 10 units to a storage facility, and then I can understand and thats where the “I can kind of see this as an improvement” part comes in. I don’t play that way but I know some do so tbh I really don’t care too much about this change, I just thought it nice to point out how the ones who don’t play that way see it :stuck_out_tongue:

The shipHUD is visible when doing PI

Thank you for this lol despite the “I need to know if im being attacked” perspective, being able to stop your ship and know its slowing down is something I’ve wanted to do in PI since it was implemented without closing the planet view xD

‘Planet Mode’ is renamed to ‘Planetary Production’

This is another one of those changes that makes sense in the head until you actually sit down and think about it. More than half of all planets we look at in game are scouted and not actually used to build on. I go through dozens just to find one I want, clicking Planetary Production just doesn’t make sense in that regard. All be it the end goal of doing PI, it isn’t the only function in looking at a planet and its resources.

To be honest this should instead be renamed to ‘Planetary View’ because even if you don’t build on it you are viewing the planet. If you do build on it and use it you are still “viewing” it. You can not at any attempt when in this mode NOT view it even if you choose not to interact with it from a building perspective. Honestly ‘Planetary View’ has a nice name to it and keeps things more generalized for ALL uses of looking at a planet and not just for the building part of it. What about extraction only planets? There are those, and I can’t imagine WHY they do it, but there are those out there who don’t process one single thing they extract, the will export raw materials like precious metals without processing them, technically these aren’t production planets so again, ‘Planetary Production’ doesn’t fit well with the theme of what we are doing when looking at a planet.

Show info on Planets now includes a button to “View Planetary Production” and a tab with information about what resources can be extracted from the planet

This will be a welcomed change, I know there are websites out there that can auto-calculate this kind of thing for you and tell you what all you can extract and build but it is something the game should have built in as well.

In the selected item window the button previously known as ‘View in Planet Mode’ has been moved away from the “Warp to Within x” button

LMAO thank you so much for this, not just to players but I have literally lost ships to NPCs because I miss clicked and hit planet mode instead of warp because the icons looked similar xD

Red circles in indicate that something is not setup properly.

Also a great change, there is nothing more disheartening then setting up a planet and feeling accomplished only to come back after the extraction cycle to find out that a route was not setup properly and all that PI went…ready for this…INTO THE ABYSS <— see what I did there? :stuck_out_tongue:

Simpler build menu

I think this is fantastic, there are so little options in these menus that it doesn’t make much sense to put them in sub-menus especially since the icons are different and the function of the facility is typically already in its name.

Info panels remembers if you have build or scan selected

OH MY GOD THANK YOU FOR THIS, like literally this has been my pet peeve with PI, there is NOTHING more annoying when comparing resources than to look at another planet and have to re-select Scan more so when you have your mouse arrow on the resource end point and want to compare that way. Seriously thank you for this change.

Holograms are hidden when creating routes.

lmao yeahhhh this was always an issue for me. I really didn’t understand why I needed a ginormous floating hologram while I am trying to see the facility im linking to under it. Even more annoying when you are doing tight builds to save on CPU/PG

Overall some great changes, and some silly ones. You guys really need to work on a few in there and rethink doing them because currently they just seem absolutely stupid. I look forward to the other changes though. One last item to suggest for in the future. You may want to think about Quihote’s idea because it has merit but you will need to make some more changes to fully implement it. We already have different command centers for different planet types, I dont see why we can’t have different attributes to match that concept.

For example, we know that a gas giant is much larger than a temperate planet. I am unsure as to the exact method you guys used to determine planet sizes but I imagine you set a range to fall within for each planet type. An example would be Barren planets generate within a range of 1,000 km-5,000 km and temperate planets at a range of 6,000 km-12,000 km, again those are just example numbers based around observations in game. But you could setup a class of planets these fall into S, M, L planets and assign those to the planet types that fit them. Barren planets would be S for example and Gas Giants would fall into the L category. This would allow you to promote diversity in CPU/PG based on the surface area of a planet instead of a static one size fits all.

So you could have base CPU/PG set to something like this:

CPU - 1,675
PG - 6,000

CPU - 2,178
PG - 7,800

CPU - 2,831
PG - 10,140

Numbers can be adjusted but I think this is representative of like a 30% increase over the previous size. It would allow you more opportunities to reach those more distance places on the larger planets rather than having to rip up all your facilities only to relocate slightly more to the right >.> for smaller planets the current setup isn’t an issue so they can retain the current numbers. However, even a 20% increase would be of great help.

(Reza Cavanaugh) #118

“More specifically outputs should still be directable but inputs should pull resources from any connected storage.”

Not sure about that one. If I have to make two different things with the same resource, I usually put topped off stacks in different storage containers. If I want a certain factory to make exactly x amount of items it will have the exact amount of resources to do that. If it starts grabbing from the other stacks, I won’t have enough of the other thing.

Perhaps it could be an optional thing. ‘Grab from anywhere’ or ‘Grab from this specific storage only’

That could work.

(Artaban III) #119

several bugs in current PI that i hate:

  • exporting stuff from launchpad to orbit very often causes closing window of custom office. Its very anoying when theres more launchpads to get material to orbit
  • another bug in exporting is when product is dragged to orbit part of window and move is confirmed, at planet part of window imidiatelly appears another piece of product. Another bug is is that often the move is canceled with a report, that amount of stuff has changed.
    These bugs are very old and im hoping you to remove it.

New things?

  • what about let players to save their setups? or what if you offer some templates? (things are always the same in case of collony making P2 --> P4, P3 --> P4) It would save tons of clicks and players would love you
  • what about a possibility moving facilities without breaking links? (tons of clicks)

(June White) #120

Hey, just a minor thing! Is it possible to show the size of the planets in the Planetary Colonies window somehow simply, but informative without using Show Info?

(Kal Murmur) #121

PI already takes a big chunk of time restarting extractors and moving materials. Adding even more time because ‘story!!’ would not be welcome. Especially as they’d inevitably write about 3 different ones, which would repeat endlessly until you were ready to just destroy all your PI in a fit of annoyance.

(Jace Fells) #122

Is it possible to link the extractors to the command center or something as far as resetting the extraction times??
I used to run 4 accounts with 6 planets each and I would spend 20 to 30 minuites every day just clicking extractor heads to reset my time (I liked to extract over 24 hours) so the ability to click one module per planet and reset or change my extraction time would be very helpful.

Thank you