Dev blog: Encouraging Signals - A Project Discovery Update

Check out the latest Dev blog for an update on Project Discovery from the EVE Online Dev Team and our partners at MMOS and the University of Geneva!

This blog looks at some of the results so far, and how the University of Geneva is utilizing the data from capsuleer analysis.

Check it out here!

If only you would show the terrible graphs in the devblog, too.


On that note: I think it would be way better if the graphs were like the plotted graphs in the white images at the top of the dev blog and not like the line graphs currently used ingame. Obviously, the ingame evaluation also has issues figuring out what’s what.


Sadly I stopped caring about the results and real world aspect of discovey after the botched launch of exoplanets.

Did the tutorial, did the tutorial on an alt for extra practice and go to start it and every single sample was incorrectly labeled. Went from 50% to something like 6% before the incorrect samples were removed.

The ones that article claims were too hard were simply false. Showing transits where there were none or ignoring clear transits and saying we marked the wrong spot. It wasn’t too hard, it was incorrect.
I’m sitting at 99% accuracy now several hundred levels in and 99% of the samples have no transits as to be expected out of how many stars there are. Don’t believe I’ve seen a single nonclassified consensus sample that’s had an actual transit.
I’m only in it for items now after the launch left a bad taste in my mouth. Completely took the excitement out of it to try and genuinely help science.

Agreed on the graphing comment. Adding a line between each point just jumbles everything together in dense plots and makes it look like static potentially destroying visible patterns.

The slider needs to be tweaked to be smoother too. Thing takes forever to scroll on a laptop track pad and it’s jittery like I’m moving it in predetermined increments rather than actually sliding it.

Any information when and if the Marshal gets added to the reward pool?

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I was wanting to get some sisters probes so i tried this out and got intrigued by it . Ahh so mesmerized that I stayed with it for a couple of hours. Well to make a long story short , I went back to the store to see how many Analysis Kredits I had accumulated and there was none to be found. It was very unpleasant. I hope you can answer my query and resolve this unfortunate dilemma.

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