Devblog: Chat System - An Update & The Future!

(CCP Falcon) #1

Take a look at this devblog for an update on the chat system and a little more information about how you can help with improvements!

Read all about it here.

(Brock Khans) #2

So lets say in march 2018 I had an account with an omega, but that account has since transferred all characters off of it. If I create a new alpha today on that account, will that alpha get the 500k sp?

(Rivr Luzade) #3

Improvements have actually been noticeable. That work is much appreciated … but came way too late for how terrible the system performed over many months.

Now that the chat is more stable. how about fixing the myriad of bugs to actually make it better than the old system?

(Kanzero) #4

Bruh, let me bribe you with these 500k sp…

(Nana Skalski) #5

when emojis? :stuck_out_tongue:

(JuuR Zibaoo) #6

cool stuff … thx CCP!!


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(CCP Chimichanga) #7

Any Greatest Hits you’d like to nominate?

(Opner Dresden) #8

How about 10x 50k redeemable so we can pick the toons?

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(OutCast EG) #9

A tech blog about new system, it’s flaws and solutions applier would be welcome.

(Icarus Narcissus) #10

Just to clarify, will the SP only be available to those who had active Omega Accounts on March 20, 2018 or since March 20, 2018? The former seems to leave a lot of players affected by this change uncompensated.

(Arline Kley) #11

Will this fix to the chat delete my boot.ini again?

(Dragos Highwind) #12


(Buoytender Bob) #13

Having to constantly tap “v” even in LS/HS because local occassionaly showed incorrect population was actually a great training aid for newer pilots and served this old dog well when a certain group "anonymously " entered the system now and then. Course, 500k free SP is always welcomed.

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(Eimar Akytamku) #14

In the update we gave on January 9th, we also mentioned distribution of compensation for the issues that have occurred.

We’re happy to announce that in the coming weeks, the highest skillpoint character on every account that held Omega clone status as of the start of daily downtime on March 20th, 2018 (the day the chat system was deployed) will receive a gift of 500,000 skillpoints in their unallocated skillpoint pool.

Is this a joke? So you’re saying that you could potentially have gone through ALL of the shitstorm that has been the chat system over the past 10 months, without getting any form of compensation?

That seems to be the case for me.

These are my accounts, which were all activated with Omega after the 20th of March 2018:

Account 1 - Omega since 2018/03/31
Account 2 - Omega since 2018/04/01
Account 3 - Omega since 2018/04/02
Account 4 - Omega since 2018/05/26
Account 5 - Omega since 2018/09/03
Account 6 - Omega since 2018/09/04
Account 7 - Omega since 2018/09/16
Account 8 - Omega since 2018/09/30
Account 9 - Omega since 2018/10/31
Account 10 - Omega since 2018/12/10

According to your article, I won’t receive the skillpoints on ANY of those accounts, even though the majority of them have been Omega throughout the several weeks/months of the in game chat being completely bonkers.

Wth were you thinking when you made the decision on that date for the compensation?

(Aedaxus) #15

Thank you for the gradual improvements on the new chat systems. Also special thanks for the bonus skillpoint compensation. You guys are the best and nicest!

(Mersoketeer) #16

I read it as: if you had any account with Omega status, at any point starting from 20 March 2018, you qualify.

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(Astra Roux) #17

I for one applaud the fact that CCP is being honest and recognizes that they failed in multiple fronts. If nothing else at least this shows that they do care about the game, it’s players and they are willing to take responsibility for it and try to fix it.

So good job CCP and thanks for releasing these dev blogs and keeping us all informed, even if it’s a bit too late. Please keep it up!

And for all the haters out there… go on, try to change my mind! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Rivr Luzade) #18

Firstly: Good work, I guess, for fixing the stability issues.

Candidates, you say? Hm.

  • Royal Flushes when you ban a corp/alliance. I am kind of sick of only being able to ban corps/alliances directly after downtime or else I kill off hundreds of chars from my chats.
  • Speeding up the loading time of the blocked list. I guess several hundred entries are rare but that trying to load it freezes the client, kills all UI when you jump a gate in the process and so on is not good.
  • Turn off the system change notification spam and revert that back to the old system which only showed the current system instead of hundreds of notifications if you travel a lot.
  • Not a new bug but it would be nice if people who join banned groups would get instantly kicked. You cannot manually kick these people unless you remove the corp/alliance from the banned list and add it again, which leads to Royal Flushes.
  • Return the text in the Moderation pages that say why someone was muted or blocked. When you ban/mute someone, you can still add that text but it does not show up in the lists, unlike in the old chat system.
(Zachri) #19

Not sure if serious …

(The Rich One) #20

Omg let us choose which character receives the SP. In this way i get compensation on highest SP character whom i dont play and basically wasn’t affected and lower SP character that i play and was affected gets nothing. It is just stupid…