Devblog: EVE Invasion World Tour: Round Five - Fanfest Home!

Check out the Fanfest Home Megablog for all the latest information on the fifth round of the EVE Invasion World Tour!

Read all about it here!


A shack. I thought it was supposed to be a cave.

E V E players … What is an E V E player? :thinking:

That Garmur is way too big and that Hel-in-disguise is way too small(and new)! Also the shadows in the image suggest that sun should in the opposite direction (behind the camera) :smirk_cat:.

@CCP_Falcon a heads up: Invading precursor recon damnaviks have dried out and went extinct as of yesterday 17.00 eve time. Is it a bug or (lack of) feature?

A gammur is 105 m long and it is hovering a small house…do you even know what this would look like and how big eve ships really are? :slight_smile:

Remember running 100m in school?

This can be awful long distance for some …

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Alliance tournament. News. When?

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You promised to take questions from here. You had 2 questions. You answered neither. Excellent is what we strife to be as usual then

Well that’s going to make reload very jealous he’s one of my friends

Gratz to Lilianah from Avanto for winning the Fanfest Home contest.

I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun having CCP in the house.


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