Devblog: EVE Invasion World Tour: Round Six - G-Fleet

Take a look at this devblog for more details on the next leg of the EVE Invasion World Tour - G-Fleet in Berlin!

Read all about it here!


Whoop whoop!


Here’s a rundown of the CCPers who’ll be with us in Berlin:

  • CCP Curtis
  • CCP Convict
  • CCP Cognac
  • CCP Habakuk
  • CCP Ragnarok
  • GM Karidor
  • GM Huginn
  • CCP Loki
  • CCP BunnyVirus
  • CCP Oracle
  • CCP Tara
  • CCP Falcon

So still no Mannbjorn. Is he locked in Hilmar’s basement or something?


nice skins … for the T2 ships?


If one were to buy the ticket, but couldn’t make the event, would you still be eligible for the tasty skins above? Bin halbdeutsch, lebe aber im Brexit land :frowning:

Any Details on the Party saturday night?

CCP Mannbjorn was recently added to the ten rarest sightings by Xenobiology Today. It appears that both Bigfoot and Nessie better watch their backs, because evidence of his existence is becoming even harder to prove than their’s.

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well you get the code on a card at the event
if you are not there … guess no code … no tshirt …


To be honest, just for getting screwed because of living there CCP should give you skins.


Damn you, know I am thinking about going!

Habakuk’s a decent guy. Most of the CCP devs are pretty cool. I just think it’s weird that with this whole series of events, the Executive Producer hasn’t even shown up to get up on stage and say hello, then toss it over to Fozzie or something… even once.

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Yeah I know! That’s why I’m considering to go. Would be awesome to say hello :slight_smile:

CCP Mannbjorn too busy with executive things and stuff.

Speaking of nice skins for the t2 triglavian ships… when did Singularity Storm skins get released for the Ikitursa (and anything else besides the Damavik+Vedmak+Leshak, the original 3 trig ships version of that skin coming as an event reward from the Abyss event last August (2018, that is))? Was it for sale in the NES for a limited time only or something? It’s only on market now and very little of 'em (and they were only on contract until last week, interestingly).

They’re available in the DED LP store. DED LP is awarded for completing Emerging/Minor/Major/World Ark Conduits, You’ll also need Triglavian Survey Databases

Ah yes, I’d heard some skins were in the LP store, but I hadn’t personally looked to see all that was on offer. Thanks for the info.