Devblog: Exoplanets: The Next Phase Of Project Discovery


(Ideki) #101

Why would that be cancer?

You would still have to produce them if you lose them.
Just not sell them. And they could even bump up the production cost to offset their ‘rarity’. Making them more expensive to build than their ‘regular’ version.

You can take the chance to fly them, but I know that I don’t. I like their design too much to part away from them in an explosion.
As they are in limited supply and that you cannot make more of them eventually they will run out.

And from what I have read so far, other people do not like to invest so much time to end up with a BPC either.

(Tipa Riot) #102

You always have to use detrend to (double) check. Sometimes anomalies vanish when the filter is applied.

(Tipa Riot) #103

Next impossible to detect (noise as transits): 200148442

(Lord Maghnus) #104

Can I suggest a review button be added so that we can take a better look after we transmit our inputs? Reviewing the consensus of other players, and the evaluation samples might help everyone better understand what we’re looking for when we analyze the data. Once we transmit, it becomes locked and it’s difficult to review so no effective way to learn from mistakes or other players inputs. Being able to learn from feedback will go a long way into making this an effective project.

Edit: there is a function that I just found that allows me to do what I’m asking. I think it should be helpful.

(Rhydic Ujbikist) #105

Does this suit your requirements?

(Duo Roman) #106

That would kill the free market, one of the core characteristics of EVE.

These cheap ships are supplied by CCP every now and then.

That is a valid argument, but not because they are rare ships, it’s because they are not worth it.

(Aruar) #107

I have a bunch of pictures of Project Discovery Mistakes but it’s not letting me post them because I’m a “New User”

(Keaden Aemar) #108

Just a few of the Obvious examples I’ve run into of mistakes.

(Tipa Riot) #109

Yep, this looks like another buggy sample, I also had a couple of those.

Overall I think about ~50% of all control samples are still buggy or “impossible”. But I’m quite good at detecting those before submit, so I can reroll.

(Vincent Athena) #110

A few things:
It would be nice if, after magnifying the data, if I could move the window about with the arrow keys. That would make it easier to scan the data.
Also, when scanning the data, the vertical scale jumps about. That is distracting from the task of actually finding something. It would be nice if the scale stayed fixed. Maybe a check box is needed, so those who like the re-scaling can have it?
The fold tool is quite powerful. But it does not allow for fast changes. If I happen to be way off, it takes forever to drag it to the right fold frequency. A way to speed it up is needed.

Finally, there is this (and many more like it):

Why is that a transit, and not the dip at the left, or the dip at the right? There seems to be no reason, and the game gives no reason, nothing for me to learn from.

(Miiral) #111

Does. Not. Compute. :unamused:

(Tipa Riot) #112

Yeah, good one, had this also a couple of times, you click “no transit”, the result shows no transits but still “analysis failed”.

(Svendar Nekros) #113

Thanks for the feedback on the post-submit fold feature. As for the samples that people are complaining about. I assume we have all encountered them by now. PLEASE give us some feedback on these “impossible” profiles. In a couple cases, it looks like the peaks were marked, not valleys. Has anyone else seen this? IF this is a valid part of the data sets, then more education from the project would be greatly appreciated.

About the ship BPC. the rewards overlay says its a bpo, but has someone ground up to rank 50 and confirmed its only a BPC ?

(Kramnik) #114

BPC confirmed

(Donkyhotay) #115

This absolutely! Changes in the fold tool are a flat rate which can make changes at very low orbital periods (like around 1 hour) move too quickly while changes made at high orbital periods take too long. We either need a way to quickly adjust the speed ourselves or have it automatically scale up. I have actually found transits simply by skimming through the data folded without seeing it in the regular graph. If I can’t find a transit I’ll fold the data as close as possible and then move it out until I either see a dip or it starts slowing down too much.

(Tipa Riot) #116

Random noise as transit: 200127884

(Tairon Usaro) #117

seriously … please fix

(Selphentine) #118

i made a thread for examples you think are wrong :slight_smile: i think this is the one that made me do the thread.

(Tairon Usaro) #119

obviously the control samples are of poor quality

there should be a report function to clean/correct the database

(Tipa Riot) #120

Today I had ~75% bad control samples … but I’m tired posting every number.