Devblog: GM Week - EVE Vegas T-Shirt Design Contest

Check out this devblog for all the details on the EVE Vegas 2019 T-Shirt Design Contest, including requirements and how to enter!

Read all about it here!


Did i win.

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I stillllll waiting for that eco report :upside_down_face:


Nice online app…

lol, Falconshit.

I messed around with it and came up with this.


A dev blog for this stuff but no dev blog and just a stealthy forum announcement for the cyno changes.

Just CCP things.


I wanted to type falconshirt but apparently they have a word limit. So I went with the next obvious choice.

And it’s a fitting choice too …


So there’s more anger towards Falcon for the blackout than there is at Rise for the cyno changes.

I guess things are at the ‘Numbing State’ like the lions eating the buffalo where it just lies there half alive while it gets munched on.

Because the changes for the blackout were more widely announced than the cyno changes. Just wait until the guy who undocks a super from a citadel he doesnt have access to anymore, tries to light a cyno in his frig but realizes he can’t undock his cyno because of changes, and loses his super, will react to and what he will say here on the forums.


@CCP_Falcon a few questions about the rules if you don’t mind : does the two colors include the background ? For instance, would the second prize from last year respect the rule ? It’s a blue and orange graphic with a white background.

Are gradients authorized, for instance a black and white with shades of grey, or the two colors rule is an hard rule : only two Color-hex codes authorized and not a single number different.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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You make a good point. Maybe if there was some kind of advertisement system in Eve that showed some form of media about changes before they happened. That would be useful, though I am sure it would just end up being crap about stuff from the aurum store.

убили песочницу затемнением,
повысили налоги в 2 раза.
Но хорошее тоже есть. конкурс футболок !!))))
Зашел в игру построить корабль или станцию.
но тут теперь в 0 пространстве невыносимые условия .
За то !!! ЗА то можно скачать графический редактор и нарисовать хрень для конкурса!


Yes, comrade, you are right. I completely agree.


есть еще голосование за название комнат в ccp.
Ну просто круть.
еще пару конкурсов про штаны и цвет унитаза и все забудут что вы портите игру.

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@CCP_Falcon Good morning,

I wanted to second the question about colours and wether or not Black with its greys is considered one colour or multiple? As in some printing firms 50% black + 100% black is still only considered 1 colour.

Have a great day, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Bump for the rules request !

On a side note, can you share the list of fonts used by CCP and whose rights you have to use ? Because if we make a design using fonts you don’t, you will get stuck by copyright stuff.

If you have the trig font file, i would be up for too. There is a players made one around but i guess an official one would be better.

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Well, put the lottery number at least.

Once again, no interaction whatsoever, no questions answered.


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All my submissions to this contest got some good ideas in this.

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Is it just me or did they abandon another t-shirt contest? :frowning_face: