Dev blog: Calling All EVE Online Designers - Fanfest 2018 Mouse mat Design Contest


(CCP Falcon) #1

Hey guys,

Today we’re announcing a contest similar to the EVE Vegas t-shirt design contest from last year.

The aim this time, is to create a mouse mat that’ll go into the EVE Store at Fanfest 2018.

Check out this Dev Blog for more information on the requirements, how to enter, and of course, the prizes! :smiley:

(Rivr Luzade) #2

You mean the store that asks me to pay between 20 to 60 Dollar shipping cost for a 10 Dollar item? :thinking:

(Drago Shouna) #3


They have an office in London, why can’t they have some stock and ship it from there to the UK and EU? It would be waaaay cheaper for those living in those places. It’s the one thing stopping me from buying anything.

(JuuR Zibaoo) #4

thats why i didnt buy anything yet from the store

(Dark Engraver) #5

@CCP Falcon tell us what this new MMO is going to be about?

(mkint) #6

Or they could, you know, use Amazon to sell their stuff. Easy access, easy shipping from literally anywhere.

Although at this point, I’m not sure anything can really save the EVE store. Personally, without even clicking a link and checking reviews, I assume any licensed merch (from any company, not just CCP) is never going to be worth it. I assume most of the price is paying for the logo, which I also assume is going to mean it has a 300% markup. Therefore, if the price appears to be reasonable, I will assume the product will, for example, dissolve in water or sunlight. I’m also going to assume, without even clicking the link, that the products are going to be garish, tacky, ugly, embarrassing, considering logos are out of fashion. I’m probably going to assume that a company store is going to consist mostly of the advertising material they couldn’t give away for free at trade shows. I am going to assume that the stuff they sell is a cheap cash grab targeted at people who don’t understand the concept of value.

As far as a SWOT analysis goes, public perception is already a pretty big Threat for a corporate store before even beginning the design process. Pile on the Weakness of a bad track record, and you’re venturing into irrecoverable territory. Add another Threat that it probably won’t make any money, and you can assume a Weakness of under-investment. And now we’re in a death spiral.

Though the OP does say “EVE Store at Fanfest” so it makes me think this is more a self-financed marketing thing than a business thing, and that the entire thread is already pretty much off-topic. :wink:

@CCP_Falcon How is this claim justified? After all, Fanfest has always had a limited number of tickets. If you want it to be the biggest ever, you just make available 1 more ticket than you did the year before. Or is there a different reason for the claim that hasn’t yet been announced?

(Ebony Texas) #7

CCP falcon, I cant believe you guys are so detached from reality… amazon is the top dog in selling this stuff. how come your execs are bean counting and deciding not to use amazon where their service is far more superior and most importantly can deliver the goods in proper time…

at this point im just going to make my own “eve” trinkets because you guys take forever to get it right. I don’t want a mouse mat btw… I want controller inputs!! keep up with the current era!!

(Old Pervert) #8

Because mouse mats cost 50 cents to make, and then you can sell them for $10.

Hardware is much more expensive to make, with a much lower markup.

(Ebony Texas) #9

im not paying 20 dollars to have a .50 mouse sent to me… ill make one my damn self… its that easy…

(Dior Ambraelle) #10

I’m still waiting for the scale models I can build. Team up with Revell or Airfix or even Bandai for how much I care (though they kind of becoming the EA of plastic models), take a cut an you basically make people pay for advertising the game. Also, the hats have a quite interesting futuristic design that definitely would sell if you would replicate them IRL…
And I agree with everyone who mentioned Amazon before!

Come on guys, you have a cool sci-fi universe that wants to make money, how can you be so bad at selling merchandise?

Also, only PSD an AI formats are accepted? Are you getting paid by Adobe? Fortunately Gimp can export PSD files, at least it seems like…

(Keno Skir) #11

… stunned silence …

So CCP i know this must be getting old, but imagine what it’s like from our side. The merch store is really really expensive for stuff that isn’t what ANYONE ever asked for or wanted. The shipping is so insanely high to most places in the world that nobody wants to buy anything even if it was good. This is such a well known issue that ALMOST EVERY REPLY to any topic involving the merch store will be a complaint about the above.

It’s starting to get a little silly that no solution is ever mentioned CCP side. I’m not trying to be rude, it’s just really really bad business is all. I’d like to be able to buy EvE based stuff from CCP, so why is CCP not facilitating this need? We all want to give you guys money @CCP_Falcon. Please let us show off our love without ridiculous pricing / stock strategies that do nothing but turn customers away…

I love EvE.

(elitatwo) #12

with all critical details within 7.5"x8.0". 1 color up to full color, .PSD or .AI files.

So you are required to buy a 7500$ US Dollar painting program by yours truly Adobe to even able to enter the contest.
A regular bitmap or PNG file won’t do it or that 7500$ painting program has no import function, either way, thank you for excluding the rest of mankind.

(JuuR Zibaoo) #13

download the FREE CS2 pack from adobe install all you need … not a problem

(Keno Skir) #14

Nope, just download GIMP for free.

(Circumstantial Evidence) #15

That would be fun, but, plastic injection molds are a huge upfront cost. I think CCP would have to buy a production run on speculation, because the company chosen would not want to be stuck with unsold merch. What should be a $10 model kit quickly balloons in price. (Which drives down the # ppl will buy in the opposite direction from price.) And that’s how it seems to go for a lot of EVE merch.

Agree on image submission formats limitation: Would CCP accept lossless image formats like PNG, if it meets the image size requirements?

Separately, could the art department provide a PSD and AI template, with a range of EVE logos on it in different layers, that prospective designers could choose from, move around, or manipulate?

(Ebony Texas) #16

ive never dealt with a company that I WANT to send them money. but they make the process so stupidly complicated that it isn’t worth it…

you guys need to fix this crap… and im just being full on proud America blunt about it…

if I wanted to go to the superbowl… I could easily buy my way in… but if I wanted some gimmick from that merch store… it’ll take a damn act of congress to get it shipped here in the proper time… you not selling weed.!!! it shouldn’t be this expensive dang it!

(Matthias Ancaladron) #17

Or you could download a free old version of photoshop directly from adobe’s site that does a lot of what the most current version does.

Either way I refuse to do ccps job for them. Never used the Eve store. Never will.
Release a camo/skin creator if you want us to do stuff.

(DeMichael Crimson) #18

Wow, this thread is so full of negative views it actually made my eyes hurt.

@mkint That sure is a lot of assumptions. You do know what they say about assuming, right?

In my opinion, 25 days from now to submit an entry seems a bit short. However the prizes actually look pretty good. I’m seriously tempted on entering.


(Steve Ronuken) #19

In what world is photoshop a 7500$ product?

(I guess that may not be USD, which is the common currency to think when you see $. If you’re meaning another currency, state it, then ignore the rest of this post)

These days, you can get photoshop for $10 a month.

Or if you want it just for the competition, get the trial version.

(mkint) #20

That they are an every day part of the human existence, required to survive, and that when based on factual information are the best method there is to extrapolate what will happen in the future?