Devblog: Name Our Meeting Rooms – Round Two!

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It’s my first post, OFF TOPIC, and I would like to mention that your building developer has on of the most monolithic and incomplete site I have ever browsed.
It’s photo-realistic animation of the building is plain terrible.
Maybe you should offer some man days from your artistic department.

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Great idea to name some of your rooms with content from your product, though.

As long as they have to be ship names… that would salvage this decision somewhat. :wink:

totally agree, think that calling them solar systems, and then the chairs ships is an awesome idea

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New name?

“Who let CCP color inside of the server again with the CCP Box of Crayons?”

Name the meeting room. Wow, that’s almost as much content as killing epithals and covetors with bombers

How about:

Goes with CCPs logic for Eve

Yeah, ammo names would have been interesting…

Gonna be a lot of in eligible entries. Was pretty specific on the word count!

We need to provide some very clear and concise rules for this contest

Text must be between 100-125 words.

@CCP_Falcon can you let us know if the quote etc will also be on the artwork panel that the winner recieves? (which is what I prefer and think is what ccp means) or is it just just the art.

Just a clarification


Guys, where are the results? They were promised to be made public a week ago.


They still have 1 day according to their own rules of the contest. But indeed, the decision was to be announced in Vegas so it’s only writing a Dev Blog for the results this week. How long can that take? It took me only 1 hour to write an elaborate expression of my feelings about the outcome of this contest :

‘Yey. I won. I won. I won! I thank CCP for awarding me this great honor’.
‘Oh no. I lost. I lost. I lost! Bloody CCP. Who cares about some f****** room names anyway’


I’m mystified by the lack of announcement.

I’m guessing my brilliant entry has derailed the contest. In my initial entry I stuffed up the Corporation name so that it said Burroughs Corporation.

When I submitted the corrected entry I used my Corporation name that is actually called Burroughs B6700 Corporation. I bet the lawyers are having unnecessary kittens over the wrong Corporation name.

If you believe that then I have some shares in a harbour bridge for sale to a most gullible person.

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An update on the current progress of the contest would be much appreciated.


4 days after the first reminders and still nothing?

Should we contact the Icelandic police to report a disturbing disappearance?
Or just start to read up what the Irish law says about late-fees? :thinking: :slight_smile:

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We should cut CCP some slack consider the amount of alcohol that’s consumed in Iceland on a daily basis. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Maybe they are regretting their decision with all our entries lol

They surelly did. All those “I ride my Golem to make ISK, I make ISK to ride my Golem” posts. I am afraid, my Attenborough-style VNI description got lost under the piles…

I think some descent amount of flood in this post is needed. At list it will go to the top not to be ignored)

Hey guys, I wanted to let you know that this is on our radar and we will be releasing the results by the end of this week.

Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

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