Devblog: Name Our Meeting Rooms – Round Two!

Check out this devblog for more details on how you can help name meeting rooms at the new CCP Headquarters and maybe even win some PLEX in the process!

This thread is for discussion of the event - if you want to submit an entry, please read the dev blog and use the thread located here!

We’re looking to collect the names of 30 ships, as this is around the maximum number of meeting rooms that we’ll have in the new building.

30 meeting rooms??!!? :rofl:

When do you actually, you know, work? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


25 of those rooms are dedicated to painting new ship Skins to sell, with crayons, on big A2 sheets of paper


yup 25 dedicated to skin designs and 2 for stupid changes 3 to store Hilmar ego



The poll heavily favors Ship Class Names by design (one could almost call it rigged)

splitting locations up into 3 options will divide the vote.

The pool has not being well designed: cos is not Ship Class vs. Solar System vs. Region vs. Constellation, where Ship Class wins; it is Ships vs. Locations, where Locations have won.

Now that Locations have won, you could take Solar System as winner or do the next round where who voted for Ships can choose their Location group.

It’s like in my country, Spain: 'till some years ago, on government elections the “conservative” side had it’s votes centered only on one political party, while the “progressive” side had it’s votes split over more than two political parties… the result usually was that the “left-wing” won the “right-wing”, but the only right-wing party won the most voted left-wing party… so, democratically us the Spanish chose to have a left-wing government, but we received a conservative party… what face do you stay with :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s so important to think about which perspective you choose to calculate the votes, cos in this case: “the order of the factors alters the product”.


This is a good point (I picked Region) but I can understand how, at the end of the day, players fly ships, buy stuff to put on their ships, spend lots of time looking at ships … the concept and names involved resonate more strongly with the player-base, than the empty spaces (locations) that they travel through or fight over.

It wouldn’t be EvE PvP if it wasn’t rigged ahead of time. :wink:


And yet 64% of us felt like the places in the game were a better name for mtg rooms than the ships we fly in those places.

The devs are clearly the ships, guys. The rooms are the solar systems/constellations/regions. sheesh.


Voted for my lovely Vargur to enter the contest, though TBH… looking at all the ships people are voting for… now people are just picking their fave ships. None of them really call to be a room name. (sigh) (edited-to-add: okay, a couple people had points with Catalyst and Venture and stuff… but the ship names that also work as a theme for a meeting room are definitely few and far between)

Ye olde popularity contests. Solar System names would have been way easier to pick systems that meant something for what the meeting room might do (Yulai, Jita, Amarr, etc… Tama? Rancer? Poitot! etc.).

also-edited-to-add: the rules say (twice) that you can vote for more than one ship but need to make separate posts. Some are following that, some aren’t… but I’ve also noted a tooooon of dupes (3 people going with Drake, for instance)… the rules don’t seem to cover duplicate entries at all, will be interesting to see if CCP will take the first mention of any ship or will judge which one has the “best” reason for its nomination. STAY TUNED!

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All I can say is :


There’s some logic to that. Statistically, ship names is a far away second to =not= ship names.

Came here to say basically the same thing. 64% of people who voted preferred location names over ship names. Ships are just the ammo afterall :slight_smile:


What about good mantras to take into your dev meetings, kind of like a reminder. Something like:

“Nullsec blackout was a stupid idea … don’t be stupid”


If they don’t name one of the rooms ‘Space Potato’ I’ll be disappointed.


Name one “Age of Chaos” and assign an intern to randomly remove different items from the conference room, or make things not work the way they used to work.


How about you do some work ? Maybe create something or i dont know fix a game breaking bug!
Like this one:

You really are missing out on a great sounding room but not making it so “Drone” can be nominated. I’ve called meeting rooms I’ve been in the ‘drone room’.

“Ship Class Names”

Class … is it not the classification ? … frigate, cruiser, … NOT the Ship names themselves … so t poll was kinda misleading in my opinion. As a place to meet i find this “winner” to be morally wrong, solar-, region-, constellation names would have been more suited for this as they are not moving around all over the place … if u wanna name something with ship names name the chairs in the meeting rooms, as they will be moving lot more then the rooms …

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Nah, the chairs should be called “brooms” to match what they do - Sweep small/er groups out the door of Sov Nul.