Let us keep the Captains quarters and outsource the station/citadel enviroments to the playerbase

So ever since the station enviroment stuff started rolling out a few years ago I’ve been hoping CCP would find a way to eventually do it and finish it behind our backs. keeping it ready for the day people would welcome it.

Now that my beloved captains quarters are going away :confused: I’d like to pitch the idea that you give your playerbase the complete specs for all citadels and create a little design competition once more.

  • All Citadel sizes and compartments so we can design something usefull.
  • Corp, Alliance & coalition HQ rooms/compartments.
  • A bar, marketplace, bounty office.
  • added captains quarters room for PI and Industry.

Fun stuff that would help make this universe both bigger and maybe a little more complex again, but in a good way.

ofc this is simply an idea. but one i’d support paying a little extra a few months to get going again.

Fly Dangerous o7


nice, you beat me to it. i have my own post about this up my sleeves. with more content, though.

This isn’t happening.

Please see the Devblog thread for more information regarding the removal of CQ, and keep all comments and feedback there please.