Devblog: Name Our Meeting Rooms – Round Two!

I am watching you… :unamused:

I sure hope so!


‘End of this week’ seems to come rather close. Assuming you mean workweek. Someone is gonna push ‘publish’ in the last 5 seconds of his workday? Some people do love to enjoy a good deadline :slight_smile:

From my point of view there are two options:

  1. the people at CCP in charge of this contest have more important things on their desk.
  2. the people at CCP in charge of this contest are trying their best to work with what we’ve given them but things are not looking good.

Still waiting)

They probably changed their mind…
All rooms will now be called Ratllesnake with a number.
A small extract of the new names :

Rattlesnake 1 : Senior management room
Rattlesnake 2 : Management room
Rattlesnake 7 : for those motivational sessions where management explains to the employees how lucky they are to (still) work for CCP.
Rattlesnake 9 : for those self-delusional meetings where management is on cloud 9 while explaining their fantastic ideas for the future
Rattlesnake 13 : for (emergency) meetings abouts bugs. (very big room)
Rattlesnake 69 : dedicated HR room for employee education about how NOT to misbehave on the workfloor. We cannot stress the ‘NOT’ hard enough.
Rattlesnake 86 : dedicated HR room for firing people…mainly those who don’t write devblogs on time!
Rattlesnake 401 : meetings about how to give all players enough ISK to retire from all activities in Eve.
Rattlensnake 666 : dedicated room for CCP’s brainstorming sessions about Eve
Rattlesnake 911 : Helpdesk related activities (small room).
Rattlensake 999 : priority room dedicated to keep paying customers happy.

  • now returing into wait state* :zzz:

Number 2 all the way.

Can you imagine the problem is 31 equally great entries and they can’t decide which one to drop?
There are 10 first class entries but nobody can stomach the thought of a meeting room named after any of the other two or three hundred entries?
There are 30 great entries but the lawyers are having kittens over the Player and/or Corporation names from trade mark or copyright issues?
Given the speed of lawyers I’m going for the last option

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