Devblog: War Declaration Changes - The War Adjacent to Christmas


(Peter Yurgin) #910

The issue was they didn’t have structures. I had 24 wars drop the day of the patch with no timer even after I got the mails claiming the 24 hour end is coming. Next issue is I have allies in wars that don’t have structures but they are still allowed to participate. I’m not complaining, because I like the extra targets to look for. But I’m just letting people know the reality of the situation.

(Maekchu) #911

Ok. Haven’t heard any more bugs regarding the wardec system other than the one described in the known issues.

You sure they are listed as “Not War Eligible” or they don’t just have a “mutual war” going? Mutual wars keep going even after structures are taken down.

If a war is declared mutual, it will continue even if one or both sides lose their structures in space as long as it remains mutual.

Anyway if there indeed is a bug, submit it to support and hopefully it will be fixed. If we look past bugs, then the system is supposed to work as quoted from the devblog.

(Peter Yurgin) #912

100% sure. They are all listed not war eligible and it is for sure not mutual. They’ve been dropping corps so they can mine in their orcas.

Look past the glitches all you want, but when you need to plan out events and look ahead you might want to know how things work instead of see people describe how it ‘should’ work. Not trying to mean here, but since you’re more into running cosmic sites I’d stick with advice on that area. Just saying.

(Maekchu) #913

Yeah, planning around something that is not working as intended sounds like a great idea. Definitely will not be patched or fixed, if this is indeed an issue.

I didn’t even give any advice as such. I just quoted the relevant part of the devblog that explained what people found confusing. Then I get hit with “don’t comment on A stick to B”. I understand now, why people tend to just go full troll on these forums…

(Tora Bushido) #914

These war dec changes are turning out much better then expected. Making tons of money. Even much better the the Goblin times.

It’s like having a dragon surrounded and distracted by all the crazy people running around it in panic. Then all the poor people get a shelter by CCP to hide in. Now the dragon can easily focus on everyone who was to fat to get in to the shelter.

Great job CCP!

(Syeed Ameer Ali) #916

1 month old player…cycled through several highsec corps in that time…zero killboard history…

For someone without any street cred in lawless space at all, or anywhere else for that matter, you sure do like to run your mouth about how superior you are to “highsec scrubs”.

Or if you’re just trolling, then -10 for low effort.

(CCP Darwin) #917

No. It is supposed to give a 24 hour notice of the end of war; the e-mail comes but the the war is ended on the explosion.

If this is the behavior you’re seeing, it’s a bug, and is not one we’re aware of (at least that I could see with some searching.) Please file a bug report. If you want to send me an in-game message with the EBR- number, or post it here, I can make sure the appropriate team sees it.

(CCP Darwin) #918

The best way to submit bug reports is using the in-game bug reporting tool, by pressing F12 and choosing Report Bug. Alternatively, you can visit, but we’ll get less useful information from the report in some cases.

Bug reports are intended to help our software developers correct issues with Eve, but are not how you should request assistance with anything you’ve personally lost as a result of a bug. You may not hear back personally about how your bug report is resolved. If you need personal assistance with your account, please also open a support ticket at in addition to a bug report.

(Algarion Getz) #920

Great change, but its like 10 years too late. I doubt many players who left because of war dec spam will be coming back.

(Jahar Makanen) #921

I think they will.

“If You Build It , They Will Come”

(Algarion Getz) #922

I dont think so because

  1. They would have to follow EVE development updates to even know about this change. I have an active EVE sub and i pretty much missed this change. (I wasnt very active in the last months.) Someone who doesnt play EVE at all probalby never sees the EVE updates and CCP is pretty bad at advertising. I cant even remember the last time i have seen an EVE ad.
  2. They would need the will and time to give EVE a second chance

(Peter Yurgin) #923

I can report back that there is now a 24 hour end timer of the wars after the structure explosion. And the allies against me in the wars that do not have structures are no longer war targets and are no longer allies of my defender.

(Sitting Bull Lakota) #924

The kinds of people who quit after a war loss are not the kinds of people who become EvE players.

Drop to NPC corp.
Reroll a different corp.
Play in lowsec, nullsec, wh.
Reform into a group of one player corps united by chat channels, mailing lists, external grouping.

More recently, just avoid going to Jita or Amarr.

The ways to avoid war were as numerous as they were trivial. Any player who threw their hands up over war and left just didn’t have the patience for EvE.

(Daichi Yamato) #925

I suspect this will become evident when the ‘thousands’ of players that were quitting due to wardecs will still be quitting now that war eligibility is a thing.

(Kelath Erebus) #926

It’s not the after “a” war that causes them to quit. It is join corp A, war starts from griefing corp, they hang in for about a week, quit to corp B, a month later another griefing corp declares war, they drop out because it wasn’t fun staying in port with corp A, they join corp C, same thing happens… After a while they quit the game because:

a) They don’t want to be in an NPC corp, they want the social interaction of a player corp
b) They rerolled and the greifing keeps happening, because that is what happens.
c) They don’t want to play in lowsec, nullsec, wh… If high-sec is full of griefing war deccing corps, they couldn’t imagine what low and null sec is like.

Least those are the reasons that I’ve seen players experience. When they’d join my corp I was normally corp number 4 or 5 in a series of war decced corps that they finally gave up on EVE after. Those that were brand new generally dropped to go join another corp., because they were not interested in PvP, just mining at the time.

Not always that easy to avoid a major trading hub like Jita, or to just avoid Amarr considering Amarr is a great place to run a corp, in-my-opinion for a number of reasons I’m not going to post here because it isn’t relevant.

So no, players aren’t just “throwing their hands up” over a single war, they have been throwing their hands up over multiple no-point wars where generally one corp ends up staying docked up for the entire event. Which adds absolutely no content to the game, it’s just a pointless waste of time.

There needs to be real visible objectives for a war, least in high-sec, low-sec and null are different beasts. Especially low-sec where its more about controlling territory, sort of the same for low-sec but without the in-game framework.

(Skipper Huitzilopoch) #927

I hear this statement quite often - newbros suffering from endless stream of wardecs. I need to see stats confirming that.

My experience says: wars come and go, unless you made an effort to piss someone in particular. In absence of evidence, I’d say this is not an issue.

Same goes for trading hub access: any corp, any solo player is capable of spending couple of days to train a neutral hauler. Newbros don’t exactly need freighters to move their pitiful salvage from lvl2 missions.

In absence of watchlist, noone will be hunting miners/missioners wasting their time in systems far away. For all practical purposes, war is a non-issue these days, for people with minimal (and I really put bar very low here) ability to think and plan one step ahead.

(Nevyn Auscent) #928

CCP said the stats exist. Csm said the stats exist. Not everything needs to be verified by you personally to exist.

(Skipper Huitzilopoch) #929

Reading comprehension is a valuable skill my friend. I challenge the claim that players are being followed by wardecs as they change corps, in vain attempt to avoid them. Neither CCP nor CSM said such “stats” exist.

(Kelath Erebus) #930

I never said the “player” is being followed by a wardec. The player is switching multiple corps, switching about as each corp is war deced by a griefing corp/alliance until they give up and leave the game because they are sick of waiting out every war in port. And these players don’t want to be in an NPC corp and these players don’t want to PVP and these players don’t want to move across EVE to not be the fight because they just want to mine, or manage their manufacturing and moving of goods.

Most of the players I’ve spoken to who leave after experiencing all that just didn’t understand why the wars happened in the first place, it was alliances such as CODE and others like them that just kept declaring war for the hell of it. Most times combat never happened, it was more a fear game, keeping everyone docked.

Unfortunately there isn’t a good way to balance the different security zones in regards to war. Null is null, you’re warring for territory, that makes perfectly good sense to me at least, there is and end game. Low sec, is sort of the same thing, but you definitely have to declare war to do that, so okay. High sec, there is no end game. Now it’s to destroy a structure, but most of these greifing alliances/corps probably don’t want to destroy the structures because that means they can’t pick off the non-pvp pilots in their mining ships. The mining corp isn’t going to be able to do anything about it, partly because they are miners but mostly because any of the big griefing alliances/corps are going to keep their structures (and they probably will have multiple) spread out in areas these mining corps aren’t going to want to venture to.

So I like this initial set that CCP has taken, but more really needs to happen to make war more interesting, instead of something pointless like it is right now for the most part in high-sec. And I say pointless, because any war where no one actually blows up after 24-48 hours because one party is docked, is pointless.

(Nevyn Auscent) #931

Then you are instead calling people who have said such has personally happened to them in this thread liars.
Over something that someone specifically said was their personal experience, not that it was the objective majority truth. Which… you are claiming without any sources yourself your opinions as the objective truth rather than just personal experience.

You want to go on about reading comprehension, maybe try applying it yourself before attacking other people.