Devblog: War Declaration Changes - The War Adjacent to Christmas


(Erik Aihaken) #890

Ha !


(Avaelica Kuershin) #891

:rofl: You’ve been away for some time?

(Nephew Ruckus) #892


Congratulation CCP!!!

This change is long overdue. The next line is smartest best line I have ever read by CCP.

We believe that the best EVE experiences involve players making informed choices with benefits and consequences. As much as possible we want to avoid having the game’s systems push players into situations where avoiding social interaction in NPC corps or logging off for a week are optimal choices.

Well said CCP Falcon. Well said indeed

I am seriously considering now inviting fellow friendly pilots into my one man corp or joining them!!! See I work for a living!! I play EVE to escape !! Nothing was more non fun then logging on and being griefed. So I became a recluse! I was on the verge of quitting ! ( Save your internet muscle flexing at me calling me a whimp!! I am 6 4 and work corrections for 30 years in real life!! Bullies do not impress me!!! Want respect give a little respect) I enjoyed cooperating mining in high security talking on DISCORD/Ventrilo whatever! After a few mining sessions we go worm hole diving to KICK ARSE and take names!! Usually we would end up ARSE kicked name taken!!! But we would have a hoot!!!

I am looking forward to those great days again!!! Now CAN WE PLEASE HAVE SOME NEW LEVEL 4 missions!!! I love to take out my BLINGED out pampered princess Battleship and beat up on some new NPC pirates in a mission!!! Off the record . I think that Damsel in Distress is kind of a slut!!!

(Sylvia Kildare) #893

I’m not sure you get what I mean by suspect baiting.

I don’t mean putting out a (yellow) jetcan and labeling it “Free ammo!” and trying to get newbs to steal from it and go flashy yellow.

I mean YOU go flashy yellow (by stealing from something or by repping someone who’s in a duel or whatever other action you wanna do to turn yellow for 15 mins) and then you try to get foolish peops to shoot you, which means you can shoot them back. if you’re fit for the 1v1 better than they are… they gonna die unless a lot of help shows up to shoot your yellow ass.

Edit: nvm, read further down and it appears you did know what I meant by suspect baiting but yeah… no, you can shoot any yellow OR red flashies with green safety, yep.

(Sylvia Kildare) #894

Yep. and it happens in pretty much every event nowadays as well as on trade hub undocks. Lots and lots of content for both PVE and PVP fans most events these days, it’s good for everyone.

But if you see a NM in an event site that’s flashy yellow, for the love of god, unless you have a fleet that can warp in and help you, DO NOT ENGAGE. ;D

(Sylvia Kildare) #895

Of course it would help the defenders to know that. Now they know they don’t need to search HS to find the attacker’s structure, there IS none in HS.

Saving effort is very, very helpful.

If the many !!!s didn’t tip people off, the “pampered princess BS” and slutshaming the Damsel hopefully did.

(Dracvlad) #896

Personally I think that you should have to have a structure in hisec to declare war, but that is just me, and it seems a fair few others too.

(AJ Osiris) #897

Since you have replies showing that your original posting is void, delete post before more people see this and start calling you stupid. As for those alts you used to vote in your favor, a very poor attempt at validating something you still need to delete.

(Aaron) #898

Does anyone know how the war dec becomes invalid after all structures are destroyed/removed?

So, if a wardec corp who is active in a war has 1 structure which is then destroyed, do they get 48 hours or something before all of their active wars are invalid?

I’m just analysing the logic of the mechanic and I am considering that because a corp/alliance can mobilize a structure immediately after their last was destroyed it might make the location of the structure irrelevant.

Lets say we both live in adjacent systems, I grind isk and put up a structure so i can war dec you, once you are wardecced you destroy my structure and I am notified, I put up another structure and continue the war. Doesn’t this make location irrelevant?

Even then, it is still possible to do some subterfuge and use an alt to infiltrate the corp war deccing you to find out where their POS is located.

I’m starting to like this mechanic, it encourages the players to think outside the box and explore all aspects of Eve, You want higher refining on your Ores, get a refinery!! Beware, once you do so you become the target of war decs. That is what Eve is about and this mechanic has remained true to that.

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #899

They enter the normal 24-hour cooldown, after which fighting ends, as is explained in the devblog in the OP.

(Black Pedro) #900

As said above, the devblog would suggest all your wars is terminated 24h after you lose your last structure, even if you deploy another one during that time. So I guess you could lose a structure, deploy one 15 minutes later and declare a fresh war, and you could resume fighting with only a 15 minute break.

But if you are in such a situation where you wanted to continue the war, it would be prudent just to deploy another structure (or transfer one to your corp) somewhere far away just before the final reinforcement timer. Does that make the location irrelevant? I don’t know, but given how easy it is to acquire a new structure, and how hard it is, or at least how long it takes, to destroy one, shutting off people’s ability to declare war by exploding all their structures isn’t really a viable strategy to get out of a war with someone who wants to fight you, and wasn’t intended to be.

(Daichi Yamato) #901

Pretty sure you have to wait till the war has ended before starting another one. So if the war is invalidated, there is at least a 24 hour respite.

(Dom Arkaral) #902

That’s how it works

(Peter Yurgin) #903

No. It is supposed to give a 24 hour notice of the end of war; the e-mail comes but the the war is ended on the explosion. They haven’t figured out how to fix that problem yet or they have decided they wanted to have that problem. I’m not sure, but its a known issue of the new patch.

(Maekchu) #904

Since there seems to be some confusion on how destruction of a structure ends wars, I’ll just post this snippet from the devblog for clarification.

As mentioned above, organizations must be war eligible in order to declare wars, have wars declared against them, or join an existing war as an ally. If either the attacker or defender of an existing war loses their war eligibility due to their final structure being destroyed or scooped, the war will end 24 hours later. If one side of a war loses their last structure during the 24-hour warmup period before a new war allows legal combat, the war will end 24 hours after the end of the warmup period (so combat will be legal for 24 hours total).

(Othello Nightstar) #905

But don’t change any current mission just create more thanks in advance ccp

(Peter Yurgin) #906

Like I posted already:

(Maekchu) #907

What you wrote was not the same as the issue or how the new wardec system works.

If you meant something else, then it is not reflected in what you wrote.

Anyway, doesn’t matter. I linked the relevant quote cause there even was some confusion above that. Now it’s there easy for people to see.

(Peter Yurgin) #908

You are telling people how it ‘should’ work. I’m letting them know it doesn’t ‘actually’ work like that. That’s what causing the confusion. It doesn’t do what they describe its should.

(Maekchu) #909

No, I think you’ve misunderstood the known issue.

There was some issue with some “not wardec eligible” corps not entering the 24h cooldown after the patch went live, but instead their wardecs were immediately cancelled.

The new system itself is still working as described in the devblog and the quoted text.