Devblog: War Declaration Changes - The War Adjacent to Christmas


(Roan Pico) #101

Well, have fun with your highsec content desert.

(Max Deveron) #102

actually no it is not…
what is more difficult is organizing with others against a singular target…
if every single corp war’dec by single entity on a 100 wardec list…that merc group wouldnt be in that bussiness of blanket dec’ing for long…

But nope, nobody wants to do that shrug so here we are.

(Daichi Yamato) #103

This would suck the big one.

Suspect flag killed ninja-salvaging and can flipping. You cannot expect someone to try and mine in a barge whilst suspect. You effectively kill off mining in other peoples moon belts.

(Max Deveron) #104

Please dude, if you dont what your talking about then just please, dont.
Concord doenst own anything…
In fact in Lore related information Sukuuvestaa and Kaalkiota own 76% of all Caldari State planets and moons between them… but as far as corp stuff goes in the State, they lease everything out to lesser (non-Mega corps), which means yes you can technically own the moon and the belt your moon rig creates.

(Max Deveron) #105

no you dont,

What you do is force people to intereact with each other, use diplomacy, make agreements, etc etc…

EvE is not a solo game :slight_smile:

And yeah i get your point, I dont care what a carebear might want, boo hoo hoo, cry me a river while i go fetch my salt collectors

(Peter Yurgin) #106

No one owns moons in highsec, Concord does. You want to own moons you’d have to go into areas that are not Concord protected. But you wouldn’t because you want the protection on Concord.

(Peter Yurgin) #107

Moons in highsec are owned by Concord. You need to change your impression on this topic.

(Daichi Yamato) #108

Diplomacy is ONE course. There should be others.

The whole idea of giving players options and agency was supposed to be an important one.

There needs to be gameplay options that allow players to be the ‘villain’ and then ways for players to dish out their own vengeance.

But if you punish the initial villainous interaction too much, no one will ever be a villain and the only interactions you have left are blues making more blues.


This is where wardec rights might be better than kill rights.

(Daichi Yamato) #109

Your quote broke

(Peter Yurgin) #110

Concord owns highsec. All of it. It determines who coming in and goes and sets rules on what technologies is allowed it its space as well as what crime and punishment is. You don’t own anything in highsec, Concord allows you do what you do in highsec or they don’t. You don’t own moons. Concord lets you mine their .5 system moons. And they protect everyone equally to do it. You have to deal with that one.

(Max Deveron) #111

understood, but if you are unable to wardec them…
Then another counter is needed for protecting what others feel belong to them, and using ACL’s to determine whom can and whom can not mine on a moon belt without going suspect seems like a passable solution to me.

Cause for 1, it forces people that want to be nice players, or team players and looking for a home to ask permission first before mining.

(Ashterothi) #112

Pretty sure the use of moons and Pocos are maintained by the SCC. This is because the SCC, along with the rest of CONCORD, is an inter-empire organization.

I could be wrong but I think it is safe to say that CONCORD itself is not powerful enough to “own” every moon in high-security space, but they certainly are the ones officiating our operations of them. Given that you needed a Starbase charter from the owning empire to place towers on a moon, it seems to imply that the Empire itself owns the moon, and that the SCC is only operating as official and broker. (no not THE broker)

(Max Deveron) #113

ok dude…

1.) you are waaay off topic.
2.) get on topic, im done with your garbage.
3.) keep it up and im going to just start flagging all of your posts as off topic (might even flag my own myself that pertain to you)

4.) just stop ship Toasting

(Peter Yurgin) #114

There isn’t any counter for protecting moon belts in high sec. The counter to protecting moons is to move out of high sec. But we are digressing from the topic on this thread here.

(Daichi Yamato) #115

I understand the desire to own the belt and punish me for mining it.

So what if i became ‘eligible’ because of that, regardless of my structures existence?

(twoflower Secret) #116

Luckily less exotic then what i expected. But agree with your comment (about ready for a structure). Eve has a steep learning curve and google not always help. Now figure out how to transfer ownership. Seems you need an alliance for it.

(Rivr Luzade) #117

I wonder when that will come to fruition. At the moment CCP is busier with farming RL cash with skins than with revamping ship models.

(Peter Yurgin) #118

You’re splitting hairs here. I agree that the war dec system change isn’t the right one. And you using it to help player corps from coming into the belts you pull out of moons would have been fine, but to try and say you own a highsec moon and should have NPC corp players go suspect to mine them is wrong. Player corp members not elagable to be war dec’d should be in an NPC alliance and pay that alliance a tax at the least.

(Max Deveron) #119

first explain exactly what you mean by “eligible” in regards to “structures existence”

so i can make a passable rebuttal or agreement,
would rather not interpret what your saying there

(Daichi Yamato) #120

So if i mine your moon rocks, either

A) i become eligible for a wardec by anyone for a month.

B) you get a wardec ‘right’ against me that works like a kill right that can be used by you or passed onto a merc.

And both of these occur whether I have structures or not. It can even be done against individuals in npc corps.