Devblog: War Declaration Changes - The War Adjacent to Christmas


(Arrendis) #81

Sure. Like I said: If it’s a stopgap, great. If it’s the foundation of something where the only way to shoot back at someone who doesn’t have an anchored structure is to gank them… that’s going to be a problem, all on its own.

(bardghost Isu) #82

Ofc, And I can see your point, But there was no need to say it 3 times as though brisc hadn’t heard you the first.

We are all fully aware that there should be some for of counterplay to it, And it likely will come, Otherwise its a huge oversight

(Salt Foambreaker) #83

Aww don’t be so butt hurt, other people lost more than a shuttle :rofl:

(Brisc Rubal) #84

And that’s why I will push to make sure that there is some way to fight back in those situations.

(Max Deveron) #85

and there we have it, the core of his reasoing…

Yes, ganking is a tool…and it doe not need to be more mainstream than it already is.

I would agree, CSM and CCP need to be sure this is a stopgap measure for now, not the foundation of a new mechanics system

(Salt Foambreaker) #86

So after all this time they did what they announced at Vegas, even with all the feedback.

3 blind mice.

(Chestnut Yanumano) #87


So I agree the changes are in the right direction however for future inputs from the CSM side of things. Solving the HS moon mining thing i believe can be as simple as applying a suspect status to anyone who mines moon rocks off a structure that they are not in the Alliance/Corp. This provides a Risk/Reward factor that creates content.

The next thing would be to expand of the structure requirements to forcing War Dec groups and those who wish to Dec another group have a Citadel (Astra, Fort, Keep) in the Region, or even in the constellation, and the war to only effect THAT area of space vs all over EVE. Kind of like incursions so to speak. The goal here would be to make Wars focused around controlling an area of space vs just waiting for nerds to go to a trade hub.

Additionally, im not good on the math part but keep the current cost to War Dec someone the same but for every week the war continues have the cost exponentially increase over time. If the Dec is worth it the attacker will pay the price to make it happen.

Just some thoughts since my Alliance and i do this as our game play

(commander aze) #88

Other areas of space exist or duels work too…

(Arrendis) #89

ACL. Better to use the ACL.

(Chestnut Yanumano) #90

yea or that i agree

(BIade Runner) #91


(Nasim Noud) #92

What will happen: everyone leaves their NPC corp to save on taxes into their very own 1 man corp. Structures will be in 1 man corps. Ganking will increase. Highbears will cry for full PvP ban in highsec. Eventually, CCP will make highsec a non-PvP zone.

Quote me in 2022 for this.

(and yes, i don’t Omega my accounts anymore because of changes like these. You’re going the wrong way CCP)

(Chainsaw Plankton) #93

yea I’d just expect people in 1bil+ ships (not to mention the occasional jump freighter) to figure it out quicker.

(Vol Arm'OOO) #94

This is so spot on. What really bothers me about the change is that it again chips away at the idea that eve is a pvp-sandbox. It was bad enough that people in npc corps were immune from pvp with the exception of ganking, now everyone is going to be immune except for those ceo’s of single player holding corps. I’m not saying war decs were in a good place - only that this “solution” is worse then the problem.

(BIade Runner) #95

Move in low sec or null for plenty of PVP cowards. All this tears for getting soft targets away from you are so delicious :smiley:

(Peter Yurgin) #96

Then why not use the time a Eve Vegas to tell people where they got this from? They spent the entire section on this telling us there was a problem and giving us stats on a problem that everyone already had the agreement there was a problem. This was a form of that propaganda structure brainstorm. You know how hard it will be to find a customs office that a war dec corp will have to be able to continue on what they already do already? The tax rate was the main driving factor for players to start corps. The tax rate was there to gain the benefits of not being able to be war dec’d. A revamp of the war dec tab would have been a better first step. It get complicated to tell who is at war as an ally in other wars and there is no continuing notification that you are still war dec’d for players that don’t play everyday. A lot of the times these high-sec war mercs are on opposite sides of different conflicts and could be used against them, but it is too hard to go down their respected lists and determine that someone who is at war with you is already at war with another large target that you could coordinate with to team up against.

(Nasim Noud) #97

In return, highbears should not be able to sell their stuff to people who PvP… 90% of your profits are directly tied to PvP losses. Its what keeps the economy and all EVE running.

But hey, the highbear ofc knows it all way better… clever boy.

(Brisc Rubal) #98

The only concern I would have with this is whether the rocks are tagged as belonging to a specific structure or corp. If they aren’t, then there would have to be a way to do that. If that’s possible and not a pain in the ass, then I think that’s probably a workable solution to that problem.

To be clear, though, that’s a problem that’s outside the scope of the war dec thing - that problem currently exists already, so I don’t know if CCP is going to want to lump that fix in with what will already be a major change.

(Peter Yurgin) #99

Dumb idea. As dumb as the timer was with abyssal space in level 4-5s. It destroyed anyone in highsec doing these levels when they could get a blue null-sec alliance and just farm the same ones there without the timer problem and in lower patrolled space. You do not own moons in high-sec, Concord does. They just let you farm them and everyone else in concord’s protection.

(Nana Skalski) #100

Please resign it. May be something like this: