Devblog: War, War Sometimes Changes

These look like good changes, but like others I have questions about the location of the War HQ. I’d like to see them be limited to a high-sec region that the defender has a structure in. Older high sec pilots who grinded missions to put down POSs are often limited to half of space.

Alternatively, you could just remove the KOS effects from negative Faction Standings. Or create an item similar to the tags to rep security status, for faction standings. Or give me an infinite coffee pot so I make more sense at this hour of the morning.

Perhaps, if all the kiwis picked up a oar, and started rowing north we wouldn’t have this issue.

Just selfish… tsk tsk.


Again, out of corp miners, risk nothing. What exactly are they risking?

Being on an ACL cost you nothing. Tie the ACL to Wardecs or forget it.

You are opening yourself up to a High Sec rental program unless this is specifically corp related.

Oh one more thing I forgot to mention. All the structures, expect maybe the War HQ, should be transferable to the enemy at anytime during the war.


@CCP_Falcon Hi,
Will the checks to make command burst not apply to a target happen when the command burst goes off? And will the command burst buff be removed from a target who gets a pvp flag(or any other missing flag needed) if the burst source was not eligible to burst him?


This kind of idea is a good example of why it’s always important to consider the effect of “friendly enemies” when designing systems for a MMO. The same issues tie into the reason we can’t simply allow war allies to rep each other freely and why we can’t have fleet membership influence war aggression or give higher payouts for FW and bounty kills.

If we allowed corps to transfer structures to their war enemies, you could just war dec yourself from an alt corp (or friendly corp) and use that transfer function to bypass the normal restrictions on transferring structures while at war when a third party tries to attack you for real.


And here I thought you guys didn’t do much critical thinking around proposed changes. Seems you can think 3 steps ahead!

Joking aside, I think you guys are the right track. There are some issues though, but I’m sure you patch them after we abuse the ■■■■ out of them.

The checks will happen when the command burst goes off, and once a buff has been applied it will last for the whole duration. This means war participants in fleet with a neutral command ship will be able to get one round of bursts to apply before they begin an engagement and get their first capsuleer logoff timer, but any further rounds of bursts applied once fighting has begun will not provide them bonuses.


It’s the sandbox MMO circle of life! :grin:


What do you think about booshing in highsec? Seems like a simple conditional statement that would open up huge tactical plays on these structure fights!


Nah mate. This is why im triggered. Twas a jest.

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Its nice to know that it was seen as a possible problem before deployment and wont be able to be used as a possible exploit but i will refrain from boosting unknown players for a few days after changes are made:thinking:

I know that @Brisc_Rubal and other CSM have been suggesting to bring back some sort of intel tool for Wardeccing, so I’ll just throw out my suggestion:

Give us a structure (Observation Array?) that allow aggressors to watchlist X amount of active war targets, takes time to activate on a target (1 hour?) to prevent people just cycling through their targets. Shows players as active only if they are in Highsec. Needs fuel. At least then it’s not fee intel and commits aggressors even more.


Oh hey, @herbstleyd once had the idea of crowd sourcing agent locators, which could be used for this as well and actually is a really great idea to get people to interact with each other.

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Quite easy to do still. Just place the structure in aridia or solitude.
I’ll be happy to probe anyone down there, cause im cursed to always find wh’s leading to those two regions for some stupid reason.

why do you even respond to that pile of stupid?

  • Corps can not hide their HQs outside of highsec.
  • All highsec pockets will be under control of the big guys first, to prevent people hiding there.
  • Those with the most Power have the least use of hiding their HQs. Only the powerless haters and those, who would do it themselves, would claim that the strongest need to hide. It’s ■■■■■■■■.

All these second class citizens trying really hard. lol

But it is different, someone worked and paid to ‘dig it out’. All the other belt-ores, ices and gasses are just there, no effort required to make them available.

Yes, but they aren’t moon-ores…

You clearly didnt read the devblog if you are asking this.

Then bloody good thinking o7 I never read that and you came up with it before me. So good call on you and respect.

PIRAT are self sustaining now I did read what you said, as far as I am concerned they got themselves up there by cheating. But I am fine with you, you did it by hard work and I recognise that you are all good at what you do. I just think less of PIRAT due to that botting, especially as it was while competing against a load of useless carebears…