Devs Please Help! Test Server Disbands my Alliance Every Time It Mirrors


This issue is affecting my alliance for almost half a year now.

I posted this issue earlier here:

Since the mirror in December, my alliance was disbanded again, this time showing the disband date of Dec 18. This is clearly a recurring issue and is preventing us from testing our sov and structure mechanics on the test server. Even if there is no immediate fix, I would appreciate contact from a dev to know that they are aware of this issue and confirm if there is a chance this will happen to my alliance on the Tranquility server.

Thanks for your time.

We are aware of this problem with auto-payment for alliances after a new mirror and this time in December it affected also the CCP Alliance. :flushed:
TQ should be safe, at least as long as TQ is never completely offline for several days.

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, especially on a weekend. Sorry to hear C C P Alliance also got disbanded :disappointed_relieved:
Is there a way to announce the next test server mirror so I can log into the test server on the first day to initiate the auto-payment?
Either way, thanks for putting my mind at ease and responding so quickly in your off hours. Have a good rest of your weekend!

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