SiSi Disbanded my Alliance!

I logged on to the test server recently and found that back in Sept 17th, my alliance was disbanded. There’s only 3 people who have the ability to disband the alliance through roles and we did not manually choose to disband on the test server.

I’m assuming the alliance disbanded due the Alliance maintenance bill autopay feature being disabled by whatever recent changes have been implemented. While I can easily recreate an alliance for the sake of testing on the test server, I am very concerned this “feature” might go live in November when the next patch day is due. This is not the first time an autopay function has been tampered with during a patch, and I would appreciate it if CCP could acknowledge they are looking into it.

As far as I know, that should only be the case if the alliance has been disbanded on TQ at the time of the mirror snapshot.

I know that my corp cannot pay the alliance fees anymore due to inactivity but it wasn’t disbanded.
If that is not the case, file a bug report.

Apparently they wont handle bug reports for the test server. They redirect us to the forums here.

Just to report as well… my alliance held sov (TCU’s and IHUB’s) as they were disbanded. The TCU’s exploded, but the IHubs remained as unclaimed and when entosis’d they were re-captured and the upgrades were all left intact. Unsure if this is working as intended as I would have imagined the IHUB’s to have also exploded with the disband.

ALso reporting, once again for transparency and to ensure I’m reporting any bugs… not all IHUB’s were able to be recaptured. We created a new alliance and I was able to claim some IHUBs. If the IHUB showed “In Overtime” I was able to entosis and recapture so it shows my ally logo in the system info. If the IHUB showed a regular invulnerability window timer, I was unable to entosis it during the vulnerable window. The entosis would just keep running, and yet it still shows the IHUB as unclaimed in the system info window despite it belonging to my corp/alliance. These IHUB’s despite not showing as claimed allow my to put in the IHUB upgrades and it acts the same as if it were claimed despite not showing it as claimed.

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