Diamond Rats - Modify Loot Tables

If people want to change the status quo, there should be a compelling reason to change it. Otherwise, it’s just change for change’s sake and that doesn’t help anyone.

Well the reason is pretty obvious if you look at the online player count…but that does not matter right?

Main focus has to be on the convinience of the bittervets right?

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Which is the reason why so many of those items are worth less than T1M0 modules : ie why the rats value is worth almost nothing.
The only modules that are dropped and still have value are those which can convert to mineral when reprocessed(HIC modules and large guns) and those that are in few enough drops compared to their usage. (compact MSE, some damage mod, restrained mining augmentor)

It’s not actually.
Can you explain exactly how modifying loot tables would help the online player count?

If you can explain why changing loot tables is good for the player count, I might believe you. But as it is right now, that’s not an argument. You’re just pointing to some vague concept and hoping it passes for an argument.

Well that is ccp’s (wrong) decision…they refused to interfer into the market at any time this was demanded…

The wrong decision would have been to accept the request of players any time they made one.

Because any little change into the right direction helps maybe?

But the bittervets call that “wow like game” and devalue even good suggestions this way…

It is simply stupid that a group of players seem to think THEY have to decide how the game is played simply because they are a few days longer in the game than others…ccp should take their opinion and stick it up their arses…

And that is MY opinion… :slight_smile:

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I don’t think this is more stupid than claiming you have to decide how the game is played simply because you have no knowledge in it.

What proof do you have that this is the “right direction”?

Bittervets usually do because we’ve played the game enough that we understand a bit more than the numbskulls who throw out these dumb ideas that are nothing but change for change’s sake.

I like that in your ENTIRE COMMENT, you didn’t answer the ONE question I asked you.

So if you can’t even answer that one question, why should I bother supporting this change?

The “knowledge” of the game gets totally irrelevant the moment it is painfully obvious that the current decisions are denied by so many that the pure existence of the game is at stake…at this moment a 180° turnaround is the only hope…bottom line

You need to convert this game into another one that is actually PLAYED by…-yes- the casuals,because the casulas ARE the market…

Better get used to this idea or you will not play this game anymore…

So I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you didn’t see the question.
Instead of grandstanding about random nonsense, can you answer this one simple question:

Can you explain exactly how modifying loot tables would help the online player count?

Well i answered…you not liking the answer is part of the problem…

You whined a little about bittervets.

You didn’t explain how changing the loot table was a step in the “right direction”, and you also didn’t explain how changing the loot table would help the player online count.

I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, but now I realize you don’t actually know what you’re talking about. Good luck in life, friend. You’ll need it. :slight_smile:

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