Did ccp fire all the lore writers?

The point of eve, as a sandbox, is to find your own point dear.

For me, part of that point is enjoying the setting, and doing my own worldbuilding within it.

Okay that got a giggle that I much needed this evening, thank you!

It affects how I choose to play, who I run missions for, what I put my isk toward… aside from my pvp and industry inclinations, I’m an RPer and WorldBuilder. I write, I contextualize the actions, inactions, and choices my characters make by extension of the setting and my own world building.

Love to hear you say that while realizing the new compression arrays were directly tied into the lore for how they work, as well as how quickly and when they were released.

you simply dont get the point of the game. if you want lore then just go read a book!

All CCP has to do is make me President of the Federation and I will provide both new lore and new mechanics.

The point is the game is a sandbox, and in a sandbox you make your own damned point for doing things.

There is no right or wrong way to go about it. You can disagree with what the point might be to YOU. But you cannot define what the point is for others.

wow! calm down miner! no need to shout if you see yourself defeated in an argument. just back off and accept your defeat.

Defeat implies there’s some trophy or prize to be won or lost here. There really is none

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you lost your nerve started shouting and lost face in an argument. that is defeat for you.

Using a particularly light cuss for emphasis is not shouting.

But we’re dragging away from the point of the topic, which, frankly has been answered more than once. The lore remains active, and there are still writers working on it. Contrary to other statements made.


Calling what they produce now “lore” is being extremely generous.

I’ve got it for free from the wreck of a ganked freighter on the Jita 4-4 undock with my Jita thief alt @Anne_Pollard :wink:

ya where is jove

The real act of generosity would be calling this thread “constructive”.