Didn't jump, still added fatigue / reactivation

Is this a new issue, or something that’s been around for a while?

Less than 10mins fatigue, went to jump home, ship didn’t jump. Tried to jump to the cyno a couple more times, before i notice it added additional fatigue without jumping.

GM’s aware? Is Fatigue being removed?

Did you make a support ticket?

Might be a silly couple of questions, but did you have sufficient fuel and were you in jump range of the cyno?

I know they might sound like dumb questions. It’s just this would be a new bug if it’s not something explainable through the mechanics. No one else has reported this anywhere. No here, not reddit, not twitter, slack or discord.

The adding of fatigue and reactivation seems very strange though, when you didn’t actually jump. Not sure if that is normal or not. I’ll jump on SiSi and test.

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