Die By The Sword - LVL 4s/Incursions & Alliance Public Mining Fleets

Die By The Sword is a corp of mixed activity and timezones. We do a little of everything including PVP, PVE, and Mining. Our area of operations is Metropolis with the corp HQ being in Hek. New player friendly, veteran players welcomed. Real life first game second mentality.

☜☆☞ Die By The Sword ☜☆☞

★LVL 4s/5s
★Anti Gank/Security
★Alliance Mining Fleets
★Moon Goo, Ice, HS/LS/Nul Ore
★90%-100% Buyback Options
★RL First Game Second
★All TZ’s
★New Player Friendly
★If Its Red Its Dead

Contact RGC Godfather

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