Different LP reward in equal conditions

System: Trer.
2x Distribution 3 lvl agents from Quafe Company. Reward: 160-180 LP.
2x Distribution 3 lvl agents from Nugoeihuvi Corporation. Reward: 350 LP.
Same volume. Same distance.
Why so?

System security

LP reward = (1.6288 - System security) × Base LP
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Agents in the same system, but in different corporations

Same mission?

What about standings with both agents/corps/factions?

Rewards also adjust depending on how much a certain mission is run. So if lots of players are running those missions, the rewards will go down.

Could be that in this case, more people were running Quafe missions, thus reducing the reward.

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Not the same, but equal.
Standing to Quafe is higher a lot.
I think Owen is right.

I did not know that. Not to call you a liar or anything, but do you have a source?

The rewards are also dynamically adjusted based on past completion data. This dynamic calculation affects isk payout, LP payout, bonus reward and timed bonus reward

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