Digital Genocide Mercenaries - New BLOPS Focused EUTZ

Digital Genocide Mercenaries is a newly formed Black Ops focused corp.

We are opening our doors to new members in EUTZ.

About us:
Digital Genocide Merc was formed due to the apparent lack of nomadic BLOPS groups free to roam around and drop on anything and anyone. Our members are specialized BLOPS pilots (generally with more than 1 account) with a lot of experience in this field. We have a seasoned BLOPS FC who has been running these fleets for years.

We are looking for:

  • BLOPS BS Pilots
  • Stealth Bomber Pilots
  • Force Recon Pilots
  • Cloaky Transport Pilots
  • T3 Cruiser pilots
  • and Hunters

Pilots must:

  • be self sufficient (we don’t have sov in null sec, though we do have a few systems around us with agents)
  • have a working headset with mic
  • not be a drama queen (we joke around with each other, take it on the chin)

Eventually, we will have full BLOPS fleet SRP (once we have a steady income of tears and free stuff!

Join in-game channel “DigiGenPub” to speak to a recruiter.

Cyno to the top!

Got 2 HQ systems with an Astrahus up and running ready for dropping on null-bears. :smiley:

Come join us.

You won’t find a more passionate, dedicated person to run a black ops focused corp than this guy. I’ve known them for close to 10 years in-game and can’t recommend enough that you check them out.

We’ve flown together in low-sec, sovereign null & pretty much done it all.

If you’re into covert/black ops and want to get started in a relaxed and friendly environment then you won’t regret your decision.

Although not a member I’ll be doing everything I can to make sure this project succeeds! :tada:

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Thanks Covert0ne!

Still looking for members.

Have had some interest already. Come get in on the action guys, we’re looking for some skilled pilots!

Cyno’s up, Cyno’s up…GO GO GO

Got a few members in now. Only need a couple more guys to start pounding faces!

Keep the enquiries coming guys!

Cyno up on Smartik2! Jump guys!

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