DigitalHaunt: Expanding Industry

We’re looking for Industry Pilots to join the ranks. We’re an old and experienced corp trying to get back into the fray.

-=[ Heavy focus on Industry | Multiple stations to keep the build costs down
-=[ Weekly Mining Ops with Orca and Freighter Support
-=[ Ore Buyback and Ship Replacement
-=[ Helping new players learn the ropes | HighSec AOP.

PDT Timezone preferred, but not required (UTC−07:00)
-=[ Alpha, sure. Omega, of course. New players, absolutely. Jerks, no thank you.

Not a primary focus at this time, but we also do PVE, Faction Warfare and Exploration when the mining get’s boring.

Hit us up in game (Channel DigitalHaunt) or Discord |

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Bump \o/

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