DippedTeriyaki "Combat" corp

Just a quick morning tentacle reaching out to those that might be interested in joining an EU tz combat orientated corp living (mostly) in a c2 wormhole with static exits to both highsec and c3 space.

NEW to the game? We are prepared to give some training sessions and pointers!! I personally have been helping new players train into roles for both solo and fleet PvP, skill plans etc since 2014 so you would be in good hands!!

Our killboard:

i was going to put a tentacle gif but omfg… my search just went south real fast…

Bump for the early rising coffee addicts out there!

/me coughs
up up and away!

Up there he is really a cool guy, come join, and you will love him too!

Afternoon :slight_smile:


Mary had a little lamb
Whose wool was white as snow
And everywhere that lamb went
Mint sauce was sure to follow

Hey there folks, we are still searching for people to come join us; feel free to mail myself or the CEO.

Were not strictly a combat corp but thats the part Im in to :slight_smile:

We are still looking for eu/uk players to come join us!1


STILL Looking for all levels of players interested in wormholes!

insert witty banter here

Looking for small gang/solo pvpers interested in being themselves and joining the occasional fleet :slight_smile:

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