Diprosopus is looking for old friends and skilled PVP pilots

  • Welcome -

the diprosopus collective is an Invite only null-sec PVP collective

we fly small gang, fleet and coalition activities in 0.0, fielding experienced FCs and ship mechanics, and we experiment with the EVE sandbox while exploring the rich content that EVE has to offer

we appreciate that we take in 1 pilot at a time, and aim to grow slow but steady with laid back, friendly but skilled and rich seasoned players

my aim as CEO is to bring the corp to a solid player base, and I choose to join places that hold the kind people that we are and aim to become

we stand united, and you can contact any of us if you are interested in our activities and philosophy

/Harper Ei

public channel :: Diprosopus
Alliance killboard: https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99006327/

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