Direct Abyssal Tech Trading @ Chanel >> Mutaplasmids

Fellow capsuleers, there is a fine place for you people to meet and directly trade your Filaments, Mutaplasmids and Mutaitems.

Channel >> Mutaplasmids

If satisfied with your trade, feel free to give small tip to our corp, Abyssal Tech Hagglers Inc. [AT.HG] or the CEO itself: Axierastos.

You can also send mail to [AT.HG] with your slow selling items and we will occasionally list them to wider audience through various channels/contacts and Mutaplasmids mailing list.

People behind [AT.HG] have years in experience in dealing with odd goods and we have some of the finest experts from corporations such is e.g. oldest and best known drug dealing group in the New Eden: Es and Whizz [WHIZZ] of Hedonistic Imperative (RELAX) and their infameous Narcotics channel.

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