Direct line of site for torrent guns

I was thinking why they don’t do it so that you need a direct line of sight to shoot your target :dart:

For example if you are firing at a small ship and the small ship hides behind a bigger spaceship or an asteroid your guns don’t fire until you establish direct line of sight again :wink: it would be very fun speeding around hiding behind bigger objects

Suggested weapons for line of sight would be all turret weapons
Rockets and a new heavy rocket :rocket:

The rest of the missile weapons and drones would have a special purpose in the game since they are guided and cannot be interrupted by obstacles

This idea would bring new tactics and strategies into the game taking advantage of ships and environment

Also building an algorithm for direct line of sight it can allow for new class of spaceship to be developed one that has fixed on weapons and requires you to aim and fire , those would be ships that are built on a weapon with wings that is small but very powerful weapon with delay giving you a chance to compensate for maneuvering to firing position ,

Also possibility to use fighters that are used at carriers

Because that’s a more complicated process which would take more dev time and would have a more detrimental impact on the server.

CCP did however tease this tech a fanfest or two ago for hiding behind large asteroids. I doubt they’ll ever do it for ships, but you might get stations if they go through with it.


I know they’re not like they used to be once upon a time they don’t have the expertise they used to have,
they used to say back then if you can imagine it we can implement it we can do literally anything ,
and all they do right now is spending their time on fail attempts to get into the first shooter market , they had office in Georgia USA working on a game I don’t remember the name now I know the person was in charge his name was white wolf :wolf: it was some kind of game with vampires anyway then they had the dust and now dust reborn :grin: they Lock direction they have to face it they have the people who like RTS games and they shoot emphasize on that , and now we shifting into a new generation of games AI games you control the input information for the AI and the AI runs the game , mainly it’s like shifting from tactics to strategy that is the future now

Hmm maybe white wolf publishing

Yes also it was an individual nicknamed white wolf but yes it’s what you discovered .
And that is the problem with CCP they are not focused on One direction they think by diversifying will provide security but they never succeeded only spend money and time

Allthough a hypothesis I think I figured a possible reason for this.

Their game has been in operation for 20 years. I’d say that counts as a sucess.

EVE Online and RTS + RPG style games should be there focus because it’s a formula that succeeded for them and they have the base for it .

The reason why there’s such a push for fps, is because that’s a more visceral experience. With that, there is opportunity to bring in new customers.

I would also like to see an rts for controlling armies on planets, I even made a thread about it previously, (unfortunately the pictures are no longer in the archived topic.)

That said, I want to see this current fps effort succeed. It has the potential to completely eclipse EVE Online in terms of player base.

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