Vanguard first impression

Well, EVE has planets and moons and for some reason EVE management think it makes sense for CCP to jump into a genre that others have been doing better for a decade or more and try to compete.

Agreed that it doesn’t make a lot of sense, and that’s probably why they’ve flopped at it something like 4 times in a row. EVE is already a niche game, EVE ground shooter would be a small fraction of that.

As for Valkyrie, I think CCP might have the capacity to make a good and interesting space dogfighter game. And it would make far more sense from the EVE-verse standpoint. The problem with Valkyrie was making it VR. Yes, Hilmar wants to be edgy and cool and all… but how about, first make a good, interesting game that’s a succes, and then worry about adding the fancy frills to it later.