Disability-friendly Incursions & FoB's! We're doing it! :)

NOT a b4r! Ad for Disabled Friendly fleet activities.


The League of Lunatics ( actual channel name ) is allowing me to spin up the FC’ing. Next week I’ll be taking out a VG-level Fleet for Incursion.

This won’t be normal incursion. We’ll be over-tanked, possibly drunk in charge of a battleship, and going pew-pew-pew. It’s a deliberate go-slow.

All of our ships will be named ‘Disabled BLAH’. Like Disabled Phoenix, for example. It’ll be obvious that it is us, just in case other FC’s decide to follow us around etc ( Saltminers are Saltminers ).

We’ll just sit there, chill, maybe only earn 60-70m an hour, but it’ll be chilled & social. Behind a huge amount of Armour tank.

That’s it really. Watch the channel for announcements, and T2 fit is preferred ( there is no ship replacement fund be warned ).

Comms etiquette is simple enough: It’s a social, like in a local bar, and we’re all around the video game shooting Sansha & cracking jokes. As long as the bar keep can be heard we’re all good :slight_smile:


I work for NHS Mental Health in the UK, so when I say this will be chilled I mean it. It’ll be nice & disability-friendly :slight_smile:

Catch you around :slight_smile:


PS: We can’t win in contests so won’t even try. We’ll make way for the contest fleets. Please be sporting as we pootle around the VG areas.

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