Seeking casual players: Mission/incursion runners, Miners

Yo, whats up. so I decided after I recruited a friend or two that having a few more folks would not be a bad idea. so here is what I’m putting down: plans to do mining ops, scan crap together, run missions and fly with The Valhalla Project. Got wife aggro a lot, busy for most of the day like myself and my other bro, got kids bouncing off the walls like the other guy. we are ok with that. our approach is casual. the only thing I ask is that you actually play the game and have an interest.

What I’m looking for:

  • laid back players capable of operating independently

  • People with a steady interest in industry and PvE content. (having some knowledge of PvP is appreciated but not required)

our location is transient throughout High Sec, though we do have a base of operations in the Ammatar Mandate.

New player friendly. we can offer TeamSpeak and do have a discord. US TZs are preferred. 18+ only.


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i like that thing. still recruiting.

@discobot fortune

should people try and join my corps?

:crystal_ball: Most likely

a subscribed player has joined my corps. which I’m really happy about. seems cool. I’m expanding my TZ from the US to global

If you want to help a develop a corp, feel free to join. It’s a chance to help shape a growing corp

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Join me…we have beer and gin…drakes weclome

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