Disable Light Background So I can see, or I have to quit Eve

1 Crying - Give me more Eve!
2 The problem - I’m blind, because of updates
3 Possible solutions - Show me what you got!

1 I love eve, but there was a point where an update made my menus harder to read and I found myself click the Disable Light Background button to often to be able to read the menus. When I have to start fighting the menu to be able to play like I used to, it’s like eve doesn’t want me to play, or my work setting up my UI how I like gets partially undone and I have to reset it up over and over. Like every time I open a private chat, I have to fix my chat windows, the only experiences in Eve that made me want to quit was when I felt like there was nothing I could do to prevent further frustrations, but this is one of the times where I need the Dev’s help prevent this frustration, or I’m considering just taking another break in hopes that i can see the menus again when I come back T.T

2 I have bad eyes, so when the background turns transparent, I can’t see the text well unless the background space/station/etc. happens to have enough contrast with the white text, so I have to keep the menu transparency low with that transparency slider. But after an update including Light Background mode that turns the menu background transparent, and the Light Background mode is set to be the default for new windows, when new windows come up, I’m constantly turning using the make menus seeable button again (the Disable Light Background button). When using window stacks, a new window will turn the stack it joins to Light Background mode too.
This mode also effectively overwrites the transparency slider, since the default is Light Background mode, and that mode disregards the transparency slider.

3 The easy options to fix this is a toggle checkbox next to the transparency slider to disable Light Background mode completely, or to set it as not default for new windows, or have the transparency slider effect Light Background Mode.
Or maybe the light mode could just use the locking mechanism from the window, so that Light Background mode can’t be turned on till the group the window joins is unlocked.
Or a black border around text itself as an accessibility option.



This. You should be able to set a default background (light/dark) which applies to all current and new windows.

I agree that’s annoying. Everytime I log in I have to close and reopen the Corp Chat window from the toolbar because it is stuck with half the window and its close button off screen.
I have tried to play it full-screen and windowed, same issue.
Aren’t there lines of codes in the client ( or wherever - I’m not a dev ) that store and recall user settings to be recalled when needed or initialized?
It feels like the game runs for the first time everytime I start it, it’s crazy.

Have you allready tried to verify the shared cache in the EvE Launcher and fixed the Permissions in there also?

Many Problems like such you have could be caused by a faulty cache …

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Thank you @ISD_Traindriver I will get to that and see if it helps. Will post update.

I verified the shared cache, it got rid of over 300 uneeded files. I also checked permissions.
The issue seems to be resolved.
Thank you!

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