Disconnections from game

i often get disconnected from the game. sometimes it disconnects both of my clients, sometimes just one. often when i get a disconnect i get several more disconnections within an hour or so, untill the game gets stable again. usually when that happens there also is a visible dent in the user graph on eve offline.

i have a ping running to a close by news site and it is constant at ~10ms, i did test my connection via a speed test site i do not have packet loss. i doubt its my seide of the connection.

this problem seems to have gotten worse recently and it has become a serious issue for me. usually when i undock, i pvp, and i always have to assume i get boned by a disconnect.
so, what do? is there any workaround? this problem is severely gimping my game experience.

What use is that ? try having a ping to Eve instead, and do a traceroute when it drops.

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