Discounts on additional subscriptions

CCP should lower the subscription fee to some $10 and introduce a discount for each account subscribed on top of that. Up to, say, 3 additional accounts. They love their 15% discount on their stuff. Perhaps that should be the discount on multiple subscriptions. So 15% on the first, 30 on the next and 45 on every account beyond that.

The game needs less alts, not more.


While I may agree with you, it still doesn’t dismiss the fact that CCP promotes and encourages players to use alts. In fact, CCP’s whole monetization program is based on players having alts…

As such, the OP does have a valid point. More importantly, I agree with lowering the subscription rate to $10 a month. Good chance it would help generate more sales of PLEX and Game Packs.

Sounds like a win for everyone, including CCP…


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