Multipul account discount

multipul account discount , for players with more than one account.



10% off for 20 accounts or more.

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Morally, no. Alts probably shouldn’t be promoted.

Financially, there are probably people that would get an extra account if they felt they were getting a discount.

Like people who do a cost-benefit analysis on industry, mining or PI alts.

1% off for every account you own.

101 accounts lets you play for free.

201 accounts makes CCP pay you to play.

1001+ account you become CCP CEO.

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You need 3000 accounts just to get on the CSM.

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There should be a discount for players who have a few accounts as possible (99% Joking 1% Serious)

Log in 365 days in a year, get 5% off your renewal.

I’m telling you, Xeux, login bots for Evergreen Rewards SP boosts and event rewards are probably a thing.

Those sweet, sweet 10/20 kestrel blueprints.

My ■■■■ is hard just thinking about them

F’ yeah single-run Kestrel BPCs

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