Multi Account Bonus

So, had an email this morning regarding multi accounts having 15 to 25% reduction in monthly cost, tells me to log in with my alts and the discount will become available in ‘special offers’.

Few things, how do CCP figure on which char is my main as the linked accounts are in what appears to be a chronolcogical order with the newest created account at the top of the list, bearing in mind i have accounts that have not been used in years in that list also, where i have transferred chars to other players as i have quit.

Second, there seems to be no ‘special offers’ section in account mgmt (unless i am missing something)

Third, I pay by monthly subscription so i have a feeling that the full whack is just going to be taken regardless.

anyone else seeing what i am seeing or am i being blind?


Ivr not even had an email, would it matter who the “main” is though, if they are offering discount for multiple accounts then who is the main is irrelevant.

it would make a difference if the account they consider my main is not one of the omega accounts…

why would they consider an alpha a main account if there were other accounts that were omega? in other words, why would you sub accounts that were not your main.

Historically, the character with the highest SP has been considered your “main”, so I’d presume it works the same way here, the highest SP character’s account being considered the main for the purpose of the discounted additional ones.

CCP is tightening their fists trying to get money. It slips through their fingers.

The cupped hands that accept gain the most.

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The only account that received the email regarding the bonus is my freighter account which I hadn’t used in months due to hoarding my eve wares.

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