Multiaccount Discount

Hello everyone,

as there is no recent post about this, i’d like to talk about the multiaccount discount.

Is there any reason, the multiaccount discount has to be reapplied every single month for every single account manually via the Accountpage?

I dont know if it’s just me, but that seems like a huge hasstle, and i only have about half a dozen Omega accounts.
I dont want to imagine people with dozens over dozens of accounts, who have to apply the multiaccount discount for every account every month manually.

I kept asking Eve Support if they have any insight, but it seems they cant or dont want to answer me.
Is it really so hard to apply the discount via a toggle in the Accountpage saying something like “i agree to the discount”, for an “Abonement”, that is intended to be activated once, and be automatically extended?

Why is the discount even designed as a manual item i have to buy every single month?
F.e. i run on 3 accounts the 3-month-“abo”, cycling one of them each month.
That means i would have to keep in mind which account i have to resub with the discount every month.
Well i could

Is this the intended design?
To annoy people just for wanting to use a seemingly “permanent” discount, but having to apply it manually every month?

It just seems so dumb, if that was their intention.
Giving player a good feature, taxing soloplayer more as they cant use the Multiaccount discount, but charging for the discount extra in being more annoying then loosing a ship ingame…

Is it just me thinking like that?
I’d love to add more omega accounts to my own little fleet, as they are kinda affordable with the discount.
But thinking about adding another account to keep track of the abo let alone more is just…

As this is my first post here and its not my native language, i hope its not too messy^^

Sunny Flaere

If I recall correctly the longer (2-year and maybe yearly too) packs are cheaper per month than the multiaccount 3 month discount.

So if you don’t want the hassle of applying the discount every three months and are fairly sure you will be playing for a longer time, it may be worth it for you to look at those.

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There was a post recently about this, but like most other subjects, didnt go anywhere

the year long investment is not really interessting, as i want the ability to cancel the sub as i need to, in case CCP closes doors… it can be a hassle running after your money in those cases

i dont really expect CCP to last another year, if they push the game further downhill to be honest

We’ve brought this up a few times, and we’re hopeful that CCP will make it possible to make this autorenew.

I’m glad to hear it, hopefull they get this done sooner rather then later.

I have several accounts linked together. Nowhere in the shop i can find a “Multi Account” Discount.

Why and where is it to be found?

It will appear under “special offers” on your non-main accounts. Whichever account is your main won’t show the offer, but your alts will have it listed.

Well well well, it actually happened faster then i though xD
According to this reddit →

CCP changed the Multiaccount discount with autorenewal
Took them about 2-3 month changing a stupid ass implementation, but atlast

it indeed ignites some hope that they atleast “can” fix stuff, even if they’re the ones breaking it in the first place… hope they keep on it, targeting BRM, Capitalproduction and hopefully mining waste next

It was a pleasure talking to you, and with that the post can die now peacefully :slight_smile:

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Glad we could get this done for you.


Well, guess i was bit to fast with praise… where can i actually apply the “new” multiaccount discount? according to the reddit entry it should be launched already, which was posted about a week ago

is it the “wait some time until it shows in your accountpage” thing again?

did you look under an alt account and not your main??

i looked into 2 omega accounts, so one of them should be non-main, and i dont see anything different
also tested an older alpha account on the same email-adress, but nothing different there too, only the 2 previous discount-offers with 15% for 3-month and 25% for 1-month are there

cant seem to find the new multiaccount-discount


like some people proposed, i did contact CCP Support…

Apparently there is no such thing as a “new” multiaccount discount…
Looks like the CSM reddit-post is as baseless as CCPs effort do stop releasing good features in a horrible way…

It wasn’t a new discount. The discount has been out for months. This was allowing the new discount to be renewed automatically, rather than having to do it by hand.

So its the “same” discount, but it now auto-renews?

the way its phrased in the reddit post suggests a general 25% autorenewing discount, instead of the prior ones, doesn’t it?

Here are the quotes:

“a new 25% omega discount is currently live for your alt accounts. This replaces the more recent special offer for 1 and 3 months omega, with the distinction being that this new discount will auto-renew”

“HOWEVER! Be advised that this is a NEW discount, and if you’re using the old 25% omega discount you will need to change to this new version whenever your current sub runs out”

even if not, why is CCP’s support telling me there is no change to the discounts as they are now?

Because it’s not a new sale. It’s a new feature - the discount with the autorenew.

If you didn’t have the old discount active, it was new and you could sign up for it. If you have the old discount active, you have to wait until that sub runs out, then you can get the new one with autorenew.

There’s no change to the discount in terms of the cost - it’s still the same discount they’ve been offering since we got them to offer one. The only difference is this one autorenews and the old one didn’t.

I have never seen this type of discount on any of my accounts…sorry, but this feature is either not existing or there is something badly wrong with it.

I just upgraded my main to Omega to test this anew, but again nothing to be seen on the other accounts…nowhere.

All are linked to the same email address and are visible sharing the same email address.

What now? Why is this disccount not given to all players equally?

It is. It’s possible that the account you consider your main isn’t the one CCP considers your main. But regardless, you should get this if you click on the “store” tab off the main EVE website

I filed a support ticket for it. Let’s see what happens…

If the information about the suspected main account is the key here, why is this not listed in account management at least or even changeable by the owner of the accounts?

Or is every player who by chance finds the info of the existence of the discount on the forums meant to file a support ticket first? I find this just a very weak implementation.

Could you please also take this issue to CCP from the side of CSM?